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CNN and How Pathetic the NEWS has become(5 posts)

CNN and How Pathetic the NEWS has becomeCARBON110
Jun 16, 2002 5:38 AM
I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but the CRAP they put on the news channels these days pisses me right off and is an enormous insult to NEWS JOURNALISM. Ray Lyson or whatever her name is, is a good example of just how pathetic CNN has become. It used to be a great news channel and now it lays host to anchors who don't deserve the previledge. Watch out if a US senator has an affair it will be on the news for WEEKS! But George Bush gives the CIA the go ahead to " topple" Sadam Huss. using lethal force if necessary and it gets a brief 2 second mention. This could lead to our next world war and I have to sift through loads of BS to find it. Clinton's lawsuit received more attention??? Or how about the Catholic Church....where is the pressure on them to do something about their preists who are still acting as Church officials even though they are child molesters????
I turn on the news channel waiting to be informed and they have an infomercial about celebrities who are speaking to some sad senate commitee about raising awareness of privacy issues and some rare disease ( which at least has merit ) WHERE'S THE FKN NEWS!! How am I to be informed?? Is there not enough going on in the world that the same usless information has to be replayed and replayed every 15minutes?? Explain it to me...I was under the impression the NEWS and especially CNN had an OBLIGATION to the inform the PUBLIC ( you and me ) of what is going on in the world and ESPECIALLY our own country. Instead, I get the opinions and convictions of second rate actors and whats " hot " in fashion. WTF.
I feel for the news anchors who are stuck in that cube reciting the same sht for four hours straight. Here ie is:
Headline news:
-Actor and comedian Adam Sandlar tells us how he thinks New York has changed in the last 10 months.
-After that will be treated to Trent Lott talking about how well we have all adapted to the airlines
-O and speaking of the airlines after a study conducted by the FBI 75% of all airport security reamin " INADEQUATE " to protect its passengers from threat.
-In other news.....Mike Tyson says he woud like a rematch since he wasn't given enough TIME to prepare.

Outside that....the world is at peace and quiet and everything else isnt important ...or we just are not going to tell you since our ratings hold more value than real jouralism and we are all a bunch of sell outs for commercial profit and what used to be our stock portfolio...please no more news about the DOW being the 21st century TITANIC...O anyone hear that Bush wantsto put about 20 off shore oil rigs off the coast of California,florida,Alaska and that he gave enviromentalists the slip by oking drilling in the "PROTECTED" region of Alaska's wilderness. don't need to know about that
That's whyrideslikeagirl
Jun 17, 2002 9:42 AM
I rarely spend much TV time on news - just the local stuff.

Check out:

They have a very 'NPR' approach and just tell it like it is. No fluff to wade through.
I couldn't agree more. Check out the BBC news.Fr Ted Crilly
Jun 17, 2002 2:59 PM
Compared to news reporting in the UK, CNN is very, very poor. The local news, (in the SF Bay area at least), is no better. It strikes me that their main objective for the news here is to repeat the name of the news announcer as many times as possible, and have live reporters on the scene for as many incidents as possible, no matter how trivial. For example, one news item that I remember from a few months back had a live reporter from the scene of an "incident" in San Jose where a couple of drifting dogs "snarled threateningly" at a local woman. We were then told by the live reporter that police were on the lookout for the dogs. End of report.

I'm fortunate that I can receive BBC World news every evening on a small local channel. Some of the reports do have a British interest, but they cover other major events from around the world that CNN would never mention.
Their website is an excellent advertisement-free source of news:
You're doomed if you rely on CNN only.Sintesi
Jun 18, 2002 10:48 AM
But then there are tons of news gathering agencies that do have the info you are looking for. Sounds like you're more concerned about the people that rely solely on CNN than CNN's output itself. Shouldn't your criticism be reserved for them?

Not trying to defend CNN, but as TV broadcaster, they can't do it all. With so much competition they won't even try. There's always News Hour on PBS with nice "expert discussion." Tons of News Talking head programs and the BBC and the multitude of Magazines and Internet newsletters out there. Screw CNN. You don't have to take their mundane crap.
: )
allow me to addTypeOne
Jun 18, 2002 11:51 AM
My gripe about the local Seattle news, which is guilty of the same stuff. Fluff, fluff, fluff. My local newspaper relies on AP and makes some dubious choices on what to cover. The CIA vs. Saddam item was buried in a column under "World News." I read it and couldn't believe this wasn't found to be more significant than the orphaned Orca whale that they dragged out to sea. That made all the news.
Why so much focus on the weather in local news? Guess what? The weather doesn't change much in Seattle: Partly cloudy, chance of rain. Several weeks ago, a downtown services shelter for homeless and drug-addicted persons closed due to county/city budget cuts. On the same date, some pleasure boats burned at a marina. What made better video and still footage? The fire, of course. Then we got to hear from weeping millionaires who were restoring these yachts, and at the bottom of the story you learn that everyone was insured. Two weeks later, the newspaper gladly trumpets some sort of benefit for the fire victims. I haven't heard any followup on the shelter. Why are my sympathies so different from the news editors around here?