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ATM's - Has anyone ever gotten the wrong amount(6 posts)

ATM's - Has anyone ever gotten the wrong amountjose_Tex_mex
Jun 14, 2002 5:18 PM
I was at the ATM today wondering why it is that I cannot have a bit of good luck and get a few extra 20's. I started thinking that no-one I know has ever gotten the wrong amount, be it + or -. Are these things really that good? I would really like to know how they are able to be so accurate.
Has anyone here ever gotten a few bucks extra or come up short?
Before you ask - Why this posting?
I am bored.
It is raining.
It is supposed to keep raining.
All my bikes are clean and perfectly tuned.
Jun 14, 2002 9:04 PM
I've always distrusted ATMs enough to request and check a receipt every time. About 10 years ago, I punched in $60 but got only $40. The receipt showed that I got $60. I had two co-workers with me who saw that I got only $40. The ATM was right outside an open branch so I walked inside. I told the teller what happened and that I wanted my $20 or my account credited $20. She told me that she couldn't do that but that I'd have to fill out paperwork claiming a loss. I grudginlgy did so (I was broke at the time and needed the cash) and left the branch. About three weeks later, I got something in the mail saying the bank was investigating my claim. About two to three weeks after that I got something telling me that my account was being credited $20. However, the document had a big disclaimer saying that the bank reserved its right to continue its investigation and debit my account, report me to the authorities, and/or have me publicly executed if it determined that my claim was fraudulent. Banks love to hold onto money.
Jun 15, 2002 8:29 AM
Twice. From the same ATM. Each time I got an extra $20. Did I then drive to the bank and report it? Nope.
Yep - TwiceKristin
Jun 16, 2002 5:47 PM
First time was at some remote ATM. I asked for $20, it gave me $30 and only recorded $20 on the receipt. Honest to a fault...I actually tracked down the number to some obscure bank and offered them the $10 back. I had to leave 2 messages with them, then they wanted me to fill out some papers and promised to send them to me in the mail. I never received them. At this point, I figured I'd earned the $10.

The other time was at my bank. I attempted to withdraw $40. I freaked out when the machine counted out $500 of my hard earned dollars. The receipt showed a withdrawl of $500 as well. Hmmmph! I walked inside and redeposited it. Computers are funny that way...somewhere in the process a 1 becomes a 0...
About 2 weeks ago, 1st timemuncher
Jun 17, 2002 9:45 AM
Got £30 of a £50 withdrawl.

Had hassle with bank as end of day reckoning apparently balanced (i.e., cash gone matched receipts for withdrawls). When I pointed out that if the next/previoius guy got my £20, he was unlikely to tell them about it, they gave in and credited the money.

Once walked up to one with the card in and the "another service - cash/statement etc" screen still up. I pushed the "cash" button to see, and could have got £200 (this was 1988). Even though I was a student, I cancelled and handed the card to the branch. I figured I was owed some luck and 10 years later when I dropped my wallet from my motorbike in the middle of London, I got it back, wholly intact, with about £150 cash in, next day.

What goes around comes around....
Karma's cool (if you keep your nose clean!) :) nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 17, 2002 9:52 AM