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the Hand of God(10 posts)

the Hand of GodMJ
Jun 13, 2002 5:24 AM
He what the hell you posting there?Sintesi
Jun 13, 2002 7:20 AM
My corporate web filter says this is a forbidden site to my eyes. Is this something seedy, unseemly or beyond-the-pale? What am I missing?
Jun 13, 2002 7:31 AM
It's just some Italian dark-haired beauty naked on a Colnago.
He what the hell you posting there?MJ
Jun 13, 2002 7:38 AM
a little English screw you to the Argies after they went out of the World Cup yesterday and cried like the babies they are...

it's not porny at all
Just teasing. Guys.Sintesi
Jun 14, 2002 4:40 AM
Actually, disappointed it wouldn't appear. I'm very "Pro" Italian-dark-haired-beauty-on-bikes.
He what the hell you posting there?weiwentg
Jun 13, 2002 11:12 AM
'Hand of God' is a reference to Diego Maradonna's goal against England in one World Cup, can't remember what year. He punched the ball into the net. the referee's and linesmens' backs were turned and the goal was, interestingly enough, allowed. Maradonna did score another goal in that game, a proper one.
I'm no Argentina fan, but.....Fr Ted Crilly
Jun 13, 2002 4:09 PM
.....I'm actually sorry to see them go. Unlike France, Argentina played some really good football in the past three matches. And MJ, I don't mean to be using this forum to have a go at the English, but the way the British media constantly pulls up past glories (will we ever here the end of 1966?), and past injustices, ('86 and the hand of God), only fuels the dislike the Scots, Welsh, Irish, (and probably many others), have for English football and their fans.
Saying that, I would gladly swap the World Cup coverage in the US for some insightful commentary and analysis from Des Lynam, Gary Lineker or Alan Hansen.
Jun 14, 2002 2:43 AM
if I see one more reference to past English glory/injustices I'm gonna vomit all over the place - honestly I am sick and tired of it - it is literally neverending

it's worth noting though that most English people, hooligans aside, seem to support the Irish, Welsh and Scots unless they're playing England whereas the converse is never the case - I think it comes from the colonial mentality and the English get confused thinking that they still run (or matter in) those places

you're right about the commentary etc. - absolutely top drawer

as for Argentina - please - were they playing football or marketing hair care products? it's hard to say

give my regards to Father Jack
agreedFr Ted Crilly
Jun 14, 2002 12:53 PM
Yeah, it's strange the way that most English folks seem happy to wish the best for Ireland & Scotland, despite most Scots & Irish hoping England get beaten at every opportunity. I know I'm going against the consensus of my countrymen, but I wish the best for the England team. I follow English football as closely as possible throughout the season from 8000 miles away, so I just can't help but want these guys to win.

Why is it most cyclists seem to have little interest in the great game? Are the two activities mutually exclusive?

Jack says "fe** off!
Dougal says "who's MJ?"
Mrs Doyle says "Does he want a cup of tea?"
Bishop Brennan has the answermuncher
Jun 17, 2002 12:44 AM
He says that "the two are clearly mutually exclusive - cycling is a hard sport, with little popular support, that is rarely shown on (terrestrial) telly, whereas, wussball is an abomination of a bunch of shirt-lifting poofs, rolling around like "over do-it day" auditions at Craggy Island am-dram society, with fat media tycoons overpaying them so that Malaysian betting syndicates can cream in on it.

And, Crilly, be in no doubt - I hate you, hate you hate you hate you, and never want to see you, or that idiot junior priest of yours again. And if you ever try to kick me up the ar*e again, I'll.....Jezus - Rabbits!"