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Lance Armstrong - Drugs or Not?(5 posts)

Lance Armstrong - Drugs or Not?jose_Tex_mex
Jun 7, 2002 5:57 PM
Hi Board,
What do you really think about Lance Armstrong and drugs? Aren't all cancer survivors on some kind of drug for years? My question is not so much about doping, moreso than it is about taking drugs which may inadvertently be helping him.
If indeed he is taking drugs I would imagine he would claim they do nothing for his performance. Should such drugs or there derivatives be open for all to use?
Lance is on Shiner Bocks.Sintesi
Jun 10, 2002 5:11 AM
You may purchase this special drug at any reputable liquor store.
A mighty fine drug it is!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nm)Dave Hickey
Jun 10, 2002 5:20 AM
Lance is on Shiner Bocks.mickey-mac
Jun 10, 2002 5:21 AM
No reputable liquor store outside of Texas would sell that swill. ;-)
Cancer Survivors..........Dave Hickey
Jun 10, 2002 5:19 AM
It's not true that cancer survivors are on drugs for years. I've been cancer free for 7 years never needed drugs.