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Help on Deciding on a Job, soon to be grad.(6 posts)

Help on Deciding on a Job, soon to be grad.Fender
Jun 7, 2002 10:06 AM
This past wednesday a company flew me up to S.F. for an interview. It happens that I have interned for this company during the past two summers in San Diego, time during I established very good contacts company wide. Now, after several months of job searching I was able to get a phone interview, and passed itm which was the reason I was flown to S.F. Before I left I stopped by the S.D. office to say hi to my former co-workers, and while there, I was offered a position. I was not expecting this and was very much surprised.
The job offered is not exactly what I am looking for, in fact it seems very boring. I was even told that within 12 months I would be bored with the position.
As for the interview in S.F., it went fairly well. I was not "bombed" with questions, and there where times where all three interviewers where trying to come up with questions. Those questions asked where mainly on my personallity and background (being from Mexico makes sense). On many answers I saw them raise there eyebrows and make some comments as if they where surprised by a soon to be grad giving that type of answer. After the interview I was invited to lunch by some people from HR whom I have a close relationship with and I believe had nothing to do with the interview itself. I was told I would recieve news sometime next week about the job. After lunch, I met up with a person whom I know, and works within the same department. It also happens that her cubicle is next to the three interviewers.
After the interview I met with another person, from another department because a friend is leaving the company and informed me about the position and described me as a good candidate. I was also quickly interviewed for it and made it onto the second interview. But since the job openings is still not official, they can't continue with the process, plus theres the 5 day internal posting policy. This job is in San Jose.

Now my questions are:
how can I keep the offer from S.D. valid while I wait for news from S.F.??
How much weight can the fact that I know several people in the company, and especially in the S.F. office, one I never worked in before or had even been there, have on me being hired as opposed to the other candidate?
As I mentioned, I expected more questions, is that a good sign that they consider me as a potential hire? they also liked my resume and asked a few questions about it. they interview lasted aprox. 40 minutes.

Side notes.
The interview process in S.J. is still a few weeks from ocurring, so I don;t have to worry about it yet. ALso, the opening in S.D needs to be filled ASAP because the person is leaving starting July. All offers/interviews are within the same company.
re: Help on Deciding on a Job, soon to be grad.PaulCL
Jun 7, 2002 11:22 AM
A few thoughts from someone on the other side of the hiring desk:

The S.D. job. Tell them that you have to give the SF people a chance to make up their mind first. You owe it to the SF people since they scheduled the interview first. In other words: make yourself a "hot" property. Nobody wants to hire someone who is readily available 'cause maybe something is wrong with them. Put yourself in demand. If SD wants you, they will wait or increase their offer.

Don't yank them around. But don't accept any offer right away. Even if you desperately want the SF or SJ job, ask to mull it over for a day or two.

Don't believe for a minute that your other lunch meetings or casual discussions with other members of the same company were not 'interviews'. If the interviewers are interested in you, they will ask your friends about your thoughts about the position.

Finally...relax. Looks like you know what company you will be working for. Its' just the place and position that's up in the air. Congrats.
re: Kinda fun to be recruited...huh.jrm
Jun 7, 2002 11:49 AM
If you dont want the burn the bridge on the SD offer then ask them for some time. If they ask why, be honest and tell them your waiting to hear from other prospective employers that you interviewed with in the same week that SD offer was made. Then wait out the SF interview outcome.
Where do you want to live?rideslikeagirl
Jun 7, 2002 2:54 PM
SF, SD and SJ are worlds apart.

I would choose SD in a heartbeat.

And it sounds like the positions are not the same in each location. What does your gut tell you?
Where do you want to live?zk3
Jun 10, 2002 4:19 PM
Do you have anything in writing? Untill you do, you don't really have an offer...

How many hours a week would you really have to work for each job? at which office could you go for a ride during lunch? Which has the best local bike groups?

Would you make the same amount at each job? Money doesn't go far in SF and SJ I'm not sure about SD...

At which location do you have friends and family close by?

Good luck :-)
Where I want to live and other answers......Fender
Jun 11, 2002 7:31 AM
I appreciate everybody who's posted a reply. As for type of job, the job in S.D. and S.F. are different. While S.D. is more into the Sales area, S.F. is more about marketing. Personally I prefer the position in S.F. because its located in the corporate office and your in the place where all the actions occurs. ALthough I don't know any people in S.F., other than about 5 or 6 people from the office, thats about it. Meeting new people is not an issue at this moment. As for S.D., the job there seems really boring, but I do have many friends there, since I lived there last year for about 8 months, and a couple of friends from home are going to school there.
about the riding, thats the least of my concerns and has the least about of weight, if any, in my decision making process.
Salary, well, thats something we still need to discuss, but I figure that if they want me in S.F, they will pay accordingly. S.D. also pays pretty good. Considering that I am a recent grad, single, no kids, etc... I can't really expect that much, but then again, I don't have that many expenses other than maintaining two bikes.