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What's your love story?(18 posts)

What's your love story?rideslikeagirl
May 31, 2002 7:28 AM
Okay, I'm feeling especially gooshy this morning, for no particular reason. I love hearing about people like Doug Sloan and his wife and I want to hear more.

I guess that means I have to start with mine, huh? I'll try to keep it short.

I was leaving the firm (yes, Andersen) to take another job. Typical farewell - a happy hour. A new hire came for the free beer and sat across the table from me. The more we talked, the sorrier I was to be leaving. I remember thinking "Man, I'd really like to get to know him better."

Come to find out (months later), he was thinking the same thing.

So, the local CPA I went to work for was an ass and I came crawling back to AA with my tail between my legs three weeks later. My new desk ended up across the isle from this newbie. And we got to know each other.

Six months later, I had given up hope on him. We were just gonna be friends, I guessed. We decided to have dinner one night and a soak in the hot tub. I tell you, it was the best 'first kiss' I've ever had. So completely unexpected, but SO what I wanted.

Fast forward five months...we've been shacked up for a couple months. He comes home from his parents, kinda pensive, and asks if I want to walk down to Seaport Village (San Diego). Sure. All the way over, he's really quiet. Hm.

We get to this little pier and he says that he's glad we didn't spend the day together, cuz he 'had a lot of thinking to do'. OH SHIT!! I'm thinking he's breaking up with me!

He says, 'you'd better sit down'. OH NO! Here it comes!!

Thankfully, he didn't keep me in suspense - he pulled out that beautiful little box and asked me to be his bride!!

Yes, of course - lots of tears, hugs, laughing, etc.

Now, get this - the icing on the cake...

Some young gal comes up and apologizes for interrupting, BUT she said it was obvious what was going on, and she hoped we didn't mind - she took our picture and wanted our address to send it to us!! Can you believe that??

Couldn't have been more perfect. We always said that our courtship was like magic. And, coming up on our two year wedding anniversary, we are still saying that about our lives together.

Okay, goosh-fest is now officially over!! :)

Please share your story!

(and, if you don't have one, I'll never know if you make one up!) :)

Happy Friday!
Nice story, but.....muncher
May 31, 2002 7:33 AM
Not my kind of thing - my knees couldn't take it :-)
Great StoryPaulCL
May 31, 2002 7:38 AM
And yes, his knees musta hurt. But, enduring pain for love is easy.

Congratulations. So when did this all happen?? Are you married yet?? Has the surgery to repair his knees been successful??
Knee surgery a success,rideslikeagirl
May 31, 2002 9:05 AM
but our hip detachment is being post-poned for another 50 years or so... :)

June 24th will mark two years of wedded bliss!

June 24th you say!PaulCL
May 31, 2002 1:33 PM
June 24th marks my 13th year of wedded bliss. That seven year itch was tough, but its' been a breeze since. ;) Congrats.
HA! Same to you!! :) nmrideslikeagirl
May 31, 2002 1:59 PM
Great story--thanks for sharingAllisonHayes
May 31, 2002 7:58 AM
San Diego is one of my favorite places for the heart. Lot's of great memories with my sweetie & me at the Del and the island and riding the ferry over to Seaport Village and...

Long walks in old San Diego
Cool mornings shrouded in fog
Perfect days, handinhand arminarm
Lazy and oh so relaxed. Mediterranean, yes.
Feel it in your soul.

Maybe a latte & a pain au cholcolat
A light touch on the skin
A soft reminder of the night before
And of the night's magical rhythm.

La magia del ritmo, siente su vibrar
Bebe su poder de sensaciones
En todo lo que ves la fuerza es
La magia del ritmo, la magia de ser.

The rhythm is magic, feel it in your soul
Rhythm is a power of creation
In every living thing, the force within
The rhythm is magic, the rhythm is king.
May 31, 2002 9:50 AM
If I tilt my face upward, I can almost feel the warm SD sun on my face.

Nice, thanks-
May 31, 2002 8:02 AM
I just noticed the 'ladder' sign - makes it look like he needs one and he's kneeling coz you are 2 feet taller than him.

Excuse my sense of humour - It's been a very long week - I'm riding again in an hour, so I should be OK soon.....
May 31, 2002 8:34 AM
I saw that too! I was thinking that was his exit strategy if she said no. Or maybe he was being polite and he was making sure SHE had one.
May 31, 2002 9:07 AM
Yeah - that's been a joke with us too.

Exit, stage left!
I met mine (where else?) at a bike racelonefrontranger
May 31, 2002 8:44 AM
Thanks for the change of topic; I was personally getting a little bored with the political rants :)

He was one of two top sprinters in the area, a young upstart crossover from a primarily MTB-based team. The other top sprinter was my mentor and coach, a wily Masters racer who might have lost a little of the top-end to the advance of years, but was still quite effective with a good leadout in the final K. I was one of the domestiques in charge of protecting my mentor (this was back when I raced with the fellows a lot at local events). The first time I met my now-SO, he was loudly and humorously trash-talking our guy, who subsequently trounced the brash new kid at that race. I recalled that my SO was actually pretty classy about it, giving his rival congrats and a handshake... but in a flashy-trashy "Super Mario" kinda way, and I've always considered Cipo a bit of a buffoon as well. At the time I thought this kid was the most loud, obnoxious JA I'd ever met! (that hasn't changed :D) But boy did he ever have pretty legs, and I'd know because I was the one assigned to monitor his field position, which meant I spent miles chasing after and sitting behind those gorgeous glutes to control breaks, box him in, shut down their team's paceline, etc...

We got to know each other better a couple weeks later after his teammate took me down in a crash. Their team manager, who was driving support that day, was also a great guy, and kind of felt responsible for me since he'd seen that it was their guy's rookie blunder that took me out. I'd already done my work for the race in neutralizing 2 break attempts prior to the crash, and there was a big climb coming up that I'd have been dropped on even HAD I been able to chase back after the crash. So I jumped in their team van and caught a lift back to the parking lot, where they cleaned me up and waited for the results. My SO won that day and took us all out to dinner. The next week he called me to canvass a ride to a stage race, so we spent 3 days together (with several other dirty, smelly, stressed-out bike racers cooped up in a small hotel room, not terribly romantic), he moved into my apartment a few weeks later, and we haven't been apart since.

That was 7 years ago, and 2 winters ago we moved from Cincinnati to Boulder together. We're not married, but we're comfortable as old socks and I couldn't imagine life without him at this point. Our own personal joke is that we met because I fell "for" his teammate.
we inhabit the same spiritharlett
May 31, 2002 9:26 AM

.i had known gales to falter nothing seemingly...
all the dust, leaves
sifting down through the sudden void,
the stillness, and who could say
whether this might last,
this calm....whether the wind's energy
might forever go slack or
might again rage the next second?
and also i
had witnessed
the taut churning of the mind
turn toward
the evening and clear presences--
had drawn from these two
the inherent, the smooth relation
and the greed for silence--
but never before
this silence
beyond any seeking
this face before me
with the clarity of water,
this quick, bright ruffle of a grin
like a leaf
hanging upon movement--

within stillness
the pattern reaps us, having no regard
for our images of ourselves
seized from thin air--
reaps and takes us unexpectedly
for we have rooted ourselves wrongly...
and we burst like light
upon one another, trapped alone
for the wind's reasons, or for
what moves the wind--

we swing together
as those for whom death's magnetism
has lost force, swing spent
and aching together
and my body rings to yours
like a great muffled bell
expanding and falling inward
faltering and moving forward,
echoing our clasp
and even mouthed kisses
resound in the air between us
as we turn and close
with a grace beyond ourselves--

May 31, 2002 9:38 AM
...and my body rings to yours
like a great muffled bell
expanding and falling inward
faltering and moving forward,
echoing our clasp
and even mouthed kisses
resound in the air between us
as we turn and close
with a grace beyond ourselves--

very, very nice. you write well! thx!
May 31, 2002 9:49 AM
That was the part that struck me, too, Allison.

Beautiful. Thanks, harlett-
You paint photographs, too. So do I. Wow. nmRoyGBiv
May 31, 2002 12:59 PM
Bravo & Thanks. nmLen J
Jun 2, 2002 3:43 PM
Nice story, and nice pic too!I Love Shimano
Jun 2, 2002 9:38 PM
Very nice of that stranger to capture one of your most precious moments on film (Kodak Max?). Wish you two all the best!