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Graduation | Sad or Happy?(6 posts)

Graduation | Sad or Happy?liu02bhs
May 30, 2002 8:09 PM
Well, after June 2, I'm no longer a high school student. Wow, I'm getting old, it's scary. We took a look at our freshmen orientation videos today at our senior brunch. Everyone changed so much. It's so long ago, but yet it seems just like yesterday. I still remember every detail. Graduation will certainly be a nostalgic experience for me. Most of my childhood friends will go separate ways from me.

Would anyone like to share their graduation experiences? Were you successful in keeping in touch with your high school friends? How did you keep in touch with them?
anti-social biker typesWoof the dog
May 30, 2002 9:19 PM
Dude, I thought you were supposed to be phucked up antisocial leg-shaving weirdo biker type (just like the rest of us ;-) who don't have any friends. Talk about keeping in touch, hehe...

You leave highschool and most of your friends go away to different colleges, and thats the end of it. For friendship you need to have something in common and to be close to each other (territorially speaking). Most friendships fall apart as people grow up and grow apart...physically and uhm mentally. Don't sweat it but work on becoming an interesting friendly person who will always attract smart interesting people to share a bottle of vodka or two on monday night. i am not that much older than you, so lets see what all these 50year olds will say, eh?

Woof, the true believer in evil Tumba-Yumba religion of the deep rural north-east.

P.S. We worship cheeseburgers, lettuce and mayo... and hate the guts of all christians.
Graduation? What's that?Allen az
May 31, 2002 12:24 AM
I think my graduation was yesterday or today (I'm not quite sure). I didn't go, LOL. I'm not the kind that participates in anything school-related. I don't see what the big deal is with graduating high school, millions of kids do it every year. But, it did go by pretty fast (thankfully). Congrats to you though!

May 31, 2002 7:06 AM
I guess mine was happy, in the sense that I was so incredibly happy to get out of high school. I hated school since kindergarten, so finally getting out wasn't sad by any means. Plus, I knew the friends I had wouldn't disappear the next day. And I knew there would be a few blowout parties over the summer where a lot of my classmates would get back together.

Over time, friends will go separate ways, but over time, you'll make new friends to replace them. One day you'll be walking around somewhere and run into someone from the old gang. That's when it gets nostalgic. Not now, then! You are far too close to actually being in high school to be nostalgic about it. At this moment, you should still be thinking of high school as a generally miserable experience! Unless you were quarterback or head cheerleader, or were the QB and had the head cheerleader!.

I've run into people I knew in high school and all they want to talk about is how great high school was. Sure, it was great, I'll say, but what are you doing now? Oh, I sell shower curtain rings door to door. Remember that time in physics class when Rick was blah blah blah.... Running into classmates now really illustrates the different paths people take in life. Technically, we started from the same point--when the principal handed us a diploma. From then on, things couldn't have been more different. I certainly took a rather circular route to get where I am now, but in many ways, it's where people expected me to be. On the other hand, no one would have imagined I'd be such a gung-ho cyclist now who loves long, steep climbs. I was not into physical activity of any kind back then.

I guess my longwinded rambling can be summed up as: graduation is a milestone, and by all means, enjoy the moment, but life continues, and for most people life will only get better. Don't be one of those people who peaks way too early!!!
re: Graduation | Sad or Happy?empacher6seat
May 31, 2002 8:36 AM
I remember when I graded (June 2001) no one really cared because we still had exams in a few weeks... after the exams though, the parties began and good times were had by all! You'll start to notice friends drifting (or moving away...) in the fall, not right now. And it doesn't mean they'll hate you either... if you lose touch... c'est la vie, you lose touch. It's nothing personal. You'll make new friends at college or university or wherever you go.

I think it's funny that all the people who were really popular and snobby and everything aren't going ANYWHERE though... they're still living in highschool land... minimum wage jobs, little if any post secondary education, and parties every weekend to celebrate... God knows what. And they haven't made any new friends either. It's cool running in to people from my grad class though.... I knew pretty much everyone in some way or another (we had around 500 grads though), and it's fun to talk about the old days... but I find it more fun to talk about what they're doing now, where they're heading, etc.

Life after highschool ROCKS!!!
You wont miss it too much, trust me.
re: Graduation | Sad or Happy?Fender
May 31, 2002 2:08 PM
I got drunk in the high school grad. I think that was the highlight of the whole experience.. cant really remember.

as for friends you lose touch with.. if that happens, it means that you where not really that good of friends in the first place.