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kung fu shaolin and general health.(2 posts)

kung fu shaolin and general health.colker
Apr 19, 2002 7:26 AM
just saw this great documentary on the chinese school of martial arts called kung fu shaolin. amazing training and techniques. first i thought: if i was 20yrs younger, i could learn it.. then they showed the documentary's second part which consisted of the same techniques applied to old people health problems. unbelievable. the chinese have this concept of "chi", their idea of a main universal energy that flows through all living creatures: plants, animals etc.. when we grow old there's less chi flowing through and that would be the the cause of illness and ultimately death. the chinese have some techniques of cure very similar in appearance to shamanism but stepped in practical results. they work. there was this very old man who had a stroke and lost vision. he was cured in sessions with the chi master who waas passing chi from his body to the old man. the same intensification of chi is the technique of advanced kung fu that allows arrows to be broken on heads and other superhuman things.a 68 year old man learned to do it!
it seemed to me that the chinese medicine is above ours many steps. what do you think?
re: kung fu shaolin and general health.peloton
Apr 19, 2002 5:57 PM
I don't think that their medicine is better, just different and non-conventional from our perspective. There certainly seems to be some non-invasive techniques that they use that seem to have some merit. I know a couple of Austrian skiers who swear by acupunture as a recovery and wellness tool.

I saw the Shaolin monks a few years ago in upstate Vermont. Some of the things that they could do with their bodies was amazing. They were certainly impressive to watch if nothing else.