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Thanks for all the NY advice(3 posts)

Thanks for all the NY advicemuncher
Apr 8, 2002 6:51 AM
Just got back from our week there - had a great time. Certainly is lots to do - there is some great art there. We were really lucky with the weather - clear and coldish - great for walking around.

I now think I have figured out why there are so few bike stores - there are so few bikes! Can't believe how few people were riding in the streets compared to your "average European" city. Lots of people in C park on OCLVs, and a few couriers, and the odd person on a beat-up MTB, but that's about it. Could it be the number of absurdly HUGE SUVs driving around with one person in, on a cell phone? Who knows. I asked a woman who gave us a lift about this who said "Ride a bike? In NY? You'd have to be totally nuts!"

Had great Cuban food in Hoboken too, and can't believe how much better the met/PATH is than the London underground.

What's with the price of a box of cereal though?

Anyway - great city, and thanks for all the info.
Would you believe...Sintesi
Apr 9, 2002 11:23 AM
there once was a congressional investigation into the cost of breakfast cereals? Some congressman got fed up at paying $5 for a box of bran flakes and went on a campaign against manufacturers for price gouging. True story. The prices you saw are actually reduced! Americans will pay $4 for a 10 cent box of grain.

There actually quite a number of cyclists in the city and you can spy them in mass quantities if you know where to go, e.g. Riverside drive heading up to the GW bridge, or Central Park after 7. But mostly people are either afraid to ride to work or don't have anywhere to park their bikes when they get there. There is a quiet campaign to get more buildings to allow commuters to take their bikes inside so they don't leave have to leave them on the streets, but it's not making tons of headway. One other reason you've already mentioned, public transportation works pretty good so there isn't a lot of incentive to use a bike as a primary form of transportation.

Hey Muncher glad you had a great time. NY is a love/hate relationship for me but it is wonderful to visit.
I would. Those cereal manufacturers must be making a packet (sorry!).nmmuncher
Apr 10, 2002 7:17 AM