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Hot tub, anyone?(10 posts)

Hot tub, anyone?mr_spin
Apr 1, 2002 3:24 PM
I bought a house that has a hot tub in the backyard. I want to get rid of it. Why?

1. The design of the yard is idiotic. They basically divided it into thirds - lawn, hot tub/deck, river rocks. The deck is just ugly, ugly, ugly and if it were legal to burn it, I would.

2. I am not a hot tub guy. Plus I don't want to pay the energy costs to heat the thing.

Two questions:

1. Is there a market for used hot tubs?

2. Do you think anyone would come get it if I offered it for free? I have no idea how to move one of these things.

Now, picture Eddie Murphy as James Brown on Saturday Night Live....Rub-a-dub-dub, in the hot tub!
Just went through that...retro
Apr 1, 2002 4:53 PM
My father-in-law just bought a house with a pretty nice hot tub. Neither of us is a hot tub person (my wife and her mom are, which caused some lively discussions...) and he wanted the space for a vegetable garden.
He put up FREE HOT TUB signs but got no takers, so he advertised in the paper, something like "Two-year-old hot tub being removed--works fine, but I need the space. See it in operation, then make offer." He got five or six calls, and the buyer came out and helped him take it apart. He let it go very cheap ($250, I think), but I'm sure he could have done better.
I'll take itPaulCL
Apr 2, 2002 7:46 AM
Where are you located? I'm serious
I'll take itmr_spin
Apr 2, 2002 8:13 AM
San Jose, California. Bring a truck and a six pack of good beer, and it's yours!
Hey, my father-in-law's in San Jose, too...retro
Apr 2, 2002 8:25 AM
Jeez, Paul, you could've had TWO hot tubs.
Apr 2, 2002 12:54 PM
My wife and I want a back-deck hot tub, but traveling to San Jose from the Cincinnati, Ohio area would be a pain. Sorry, gotta pass on this one.
re: Hot tub, anyone?DINOSAUR
Apr 5, 2002 8:54 AM
We did a minor remodel on our house about five years ago. My wife wanted a hot tub so I went along with her. I seldom used it, perhaps a handful of times within the past five years. Recently I started having lower back problems and I get into the hot tub after a ride on a cold winter day. I've learned to love it. You can also do a lot with an ugly deck. Just strip it down and refinish it. Our house was 12 years old when we purchased it back in '90 and the deck had never been treated. I went to work on it and now people ask me what I use to treat it with (Duck Back). Rent a power sprayer and lightly sand it, then stain it. All it takes is a lot of elbow grease.
re: Hot tub, anyone?mr_spin
Apr 5, 2002 9:53 AM
I am going to tear down the deck, but I am not throwing anything away. The wood will be used to build the deck I actually want, where I want it. I'll strip it, too, since they painted it with the ugliest brown color ever made. It has a sickly purplish hue that makes me want to hurl.
re: Hot tub, anyone?DINOSAUR
Apr 5, 2002 11:29 AM
Good idea. For what it's worth, don't paint it. We have a lot of decking around our house and folks that decide to paint their decks end up with a bunch of work when they have to strip the paint. Paint is also very slippery when wet. And being the type of guy that can't hammer a nail into a wall, we had our deck extended by a professional contractor (for a tidy fee). I still miss the bay area weather, even some of the places to ride down there. Lot's of choices for LBS's also. Good luck with your project. Willow Glen is a nice spot...I did a lot of hanging out at Yum Yum donuts at Meridian and Willow..
re: Hot tub, anyone?mr_spin
Apr 5, 2002 12:57 PM
Yum Yum! I've never been, but when I commute I have to sit at Meridian forever waiting for the light, and the smell of the donuts calls to me like the Sirens. I live closer to Lincoln and Willow. A very short walk to "downtown."