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What kind of lobster to buy?(1 post)

What kind of lobster to buy?Kristin
Mar 14, 2002 12:13 PM
I guess I'm spoiled. I've only ever eaten Maine lobster (homarus americanus) harvested along the northern coastline. I first sampled this tastey red bug from my hi-chair when I was just two years of age. I know how to select a good lobster, but have never tried a lobster raised anywhere besides Maine. I'm concerned about the quality and flavor.

I just ordered 2 selects (1.5 lbs) and discovered that they are shipping in from Canadian waters rather than Maine. I'm assuming that they are still homarus americanus, but does anyone know if a lobster from Canada tastes the same as a lobster from Maine? I've scoured the internet and can not find any information that say's so directly (though a Maine fisherman would never eat a Canadian lobster). This will also be my first time trying a hard shell, so I'm expecting a difference to begin with.