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Sushi Favorite(s)(7 posts)

Sushi Favorite(s)PsyDoc
Oct 30, 2001 7:59 AM
My wife and I eat Sushi every Thursday's sort of like our "date" night. Although she does not eat any raw fish or masago now that she is pregnant. My favorites:

Spicy Tuna
Sunomono (Tako salad)
Unagi (BBQ eel...very sweet tasting)
Surf Clam

The only thing I have come across that I absolutely cannot stomach is "Uni" (Sea Urchin). Uni is definitely an acquired taste as it has a strong metallic taste to it and is sort of a mustard color.
re: Sushi Favorite(s)mr_spin
Oct 30, 2001 8:10 AM
I am a huge Sushi fan. I go with a friend every once in a while and we basically both drop our paychecks in one sitting.

To achieve sushi nirvana, find a place that will lightly sear Toro. There is nothing better! It is sushi heaven if they do it right.

Try hamachi negihama. Get anything with hamachi.
And Bonito! yummmm

I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a year ago and they have this gargantuan tank where you can see lots of fish swimming around. There's hamachi, bonito, etc., and all I could think of was how good they would taste! Somebody give me a line....
I love sushiKristin
Oct 30, 2001 8:50 AM
But I don't know what I ate. I tried it skeptically when a Japanese friend threw a sushi party. I was nervous and worried that I'd loose my lunch and miss dinner. But it was really good! I made my own, so there's no naming what I had. Some shrimp, tuna and other fishes. I avoided the octopus at said friends suggestion. I haven't had good sushi since that day, only what I comes along with the chinese buffet.

One thing I know is that I can't swallow caviar--they just won't go no fish eggs for me thanks!

Lobster anyone?
caviar? yukmr_spin
Oct 30, 2001 9:01 AM
I was lucky enough to fly first class to Europe once (I wasn't paying!) and they brought some caviar and a shot of Stoly. I tried the caviar and immediately had to cleanse that vile disgusting taste out of my mouth. The only available liquid was, you guessed it, the Stoly. Down it went in one lightning quick motion. It was so fast, the flight attendant was still standing there looking amazed. She thought it was some kind of caviar/vodka ritual I was doing.
Have it dancing.javagenki
Oct 30, 2001 4:49 PM
I lived in Japan for 7 years and think sushi is groovy.
The best sushi is "dancing," meaning you pick the prettiest fish in the tank, slice it up, and eat it before it stops, well, doing its death waltz. Yummy!
Have you tried Tai? I think it's called Sea Bream in English. It's nice and light but less fatty than tuna. It's the fish awarded to Grand Champion Sumo wrestlers, don't cha know.
I was suprised to find that I loved Hotate, scallops. They're good with Kirin Ichiban beer.
I'm not surprised you don't like Uni. It is only good if it is super, super fresh. If fresh, it's a real treat. If not, it takes a week to get the taste out of your mouth.
Flashback: I had a Japanese friend, the president of a Yakuza related construction company back in the bubble economy days, who took me and my wife out to learn Japanese customs a couple times a month. We went to sushi shops so traditional and swanky that it was considered rude to order. The chef simply looked us over, intuited what we might want to eat, and then served it. At one place, the chef was always daring me to eat the exotic stuff- suckers, eyeballs, egg sacks, all that. When I would ask what he had served us, he would usually say, "it might be meat, har, har, har." One time, he served me a snail the size of my fist. It was a "7" on the "how-many-beers-do-I-need-to-have-downed-before-I-can-eat-this?" meter. To not eat would have been an insult to the chef and my friend, so I choked it down. As I finished the chewy, grey snail body, my friend picked up a spoon and said, "Jim-san, you must try this. It is what the snail leaves in the shell." I said, "more beer please." At the end of the evening, my friend dropped a cool thousand bucks to cover the bill.
Ahh yes, those were the days.
temperature...Bruno S
Oct 30, 2001 9:54 PM
one key aspect of sushi is the temperature it is served. Fish should always be at room temperature if its slightly cold the flavor doesn't come through. My favorite is salmon.
Just down the street!Canada
Oct 30, 2001 11:34 PM
There is a great sushi place just down the street from my
house. One day this summer my wife and I were in the backyard
trying to figure out what to have for dinner, she said sushi,
now I'm relaxing on the lounger, belly full of beer and don't
really feel like going out, she says I'll phone in an order and go pick it up which I didn't think was possible but I was
pleasantly proven wrong. What a great summer night,beer, sushi, the wife and I on our loungers. Hey ya can't ride all the time.