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Not-very-deep-thoughts(4 posts)

Mar 7, 2002 10:27 AM
In regard to the "hate" posts mentioned below, it's always painful when somebody takes something that is inherently pure and beautiful and uses it for harm.
I'm a Christian, and one of the biggest challenges for Christians today is performing damage control on the actions of those who use that label to justify hate, intolerance, or cruelty.
There are probably only three things I am absolutely confident about: a) I'm "saved;" b) the more intelligent a person is, the less dogmatic they usually are; and c) I'm not very good at being God.
Whenever I try to step into His shoes to proclaim just how things should be be, I fall on my face. So I do my best to limit my judgments of others and maximize my helpfulness. Of course, being human, I'm not real good at that either!
That doesn't mean that I'm blown by the wind or otherwise wishy-washy. It's ok to hate evil; but it's not ok to hate people, or DELIGHT in hating anything.
Thank you. I'll climb down off my pulpit now.
And from another Christian, on the nature of sin.McAndrus
Mar 7, 2002 12:48 PM
Mike you probably know these things but a lot of non-believers don't. I can think of no exceptions in my experience with the hundreds of Christians I've personally known, to the next statement. A Christian tries to avoid hatred and to view everyone with love.

The non-Christian and even many practicing Christians do not understand the nature of sin. Sin is not just prancing around naked in the streets, having sex with anyone who'll oblige. Sin is doing anything that displeases God. Anything.

For those who don't know, there is the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins.

- Pride
- Greed
- Envy
- Anger
- Lust
- Gluttony
- Sloth

When non-Christians think of sin, about the only one they can identify is lust. God (and a Christian) hates all sin but loves the sinner. Pride, greed, envy are just as bad as lust. For instance, I could spend my life as a virgin and never have an impure thought but if I felt anger or envy, then I've sinned. I might as well have lusted in God's eyes: they are the same.

There is one other concept I must state before I get to my conclusion. The rule on sin, repentance, and morality is that it applies to Christians only. That is, if you are in the Church, you are subject to these conditions. The believers in the Church are not to apply these same standards to those outside the Church.

So, when someone posts a piece of spittle and quotes some long Bible verse as authority, he or she is, in fact sinning. He or she is expressing hatred and anger (at least).

All sin is forgivable(actually, there's one exception but it's not relevant here). And the fact that you haved sinned does not condemn you to eternity in Hell. Because no one can know all of his or her sins. Christians are obliged to search their souls and actions and confess the sins they can identify.

I made a pretty bold statement earlier that righteous Christians view no one with hate. Really? Yes, that's the rule. Even Hitler, Stalin, or Bin Laden? Yes, that's the rule. If Hitler confessed Jesus in the moment before he bit the poison pill and pulled the trigger, he was forgiven. How can I hate someone that God will forgive?

Oh, and did I mention that Christians are sinners too if they hate?

What's my point. If RA (or whoever is posting that stuff) believes he or she is a Christian then he or she is sinning. RA is committing the sin of anger and maybe pride and envy. And I can't think of a person I would call a Christian who would condone it.
And from another Christian, on the nature of sin.Woof the dog
Mar 10, 2002 11:40 PM

If I hate eating pineapple, does that make me a sinnerStarliner
Mar 12, 2002 10:44 PM
if I were to admit my lust for a C40, then I suppose I would be a sinner who could be forgiven. I must say, however, lusting after that Colorado Cyclist model sure beats the hell out of getting fat while indulging in chocolate cake and ice cream.