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to whomever you are...(2 posts)

to whomever you are...harlett
Mar 7, 2002 8:13 AM
your strong objection to my post and my being was made yesterday-- your strong objections should only be directed at me though-- please leave these other people and this board out of this-- they had nothing to do with my post--

with all your scripture quoting i'm assuming your presenting yourself as a christian-- would you please take a moment and reflect on jesus suffered and died on the cross he refused to give in to hatred-- that refusal was a consistent ethic and steadfast truth in his life here--

that act of compassionate gentleness is with me as i write this to you--

You're a class act........Len J
Mar 7, 2002 9:37 AM
but understand (IMO)that this isn't just about you. It's also about tolerance & safety & civility. I for one will fight to preserve what we have here.