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Being totally focking WRONG........(3 posts)

Being totally focking WRONG........Jrm
Feb 20, 2002 7:45 AM
For the last 5 or so months, i drag my bike onto BART so i can commute home on it. I have adhered to the rules that ive read regarding bringing bikes on BART. These and more rules are poste3d in the BART cars, but thinking i knew um i never read them.

This morning im riding up the escalator to the platform to get on a particular train that doenst restrict bike's during the peak hours of operation. Im standing next to a afro-american man with his briefcase on wheels, when he sez..oh great. I turned my head and he sez " your not allowed on here, you know?". "Thinking" i was right i say " i have the same access as you do", and added " i dont want to argue about it". he in turn sez "you dont have to" so that was the extent of the conversation. So once on my train i see that this car has the "Rules for bikes on BART poster" in it and i begin to read. Focking A, surer than shIt " Bike's are NEVER (in blue font, i add) allowed on escalators, use only the elevator or the stairs. Right then and there i said to myself im totally in the focking wrong on this one. I go on to think that the guy who told me i wasnt supposed to beon the escalator was either a bored passenger that actually read the bike rules, or worse yet a BART offical himself. Need, i work with BART people on regional rail studies.

So i get off my train and proceed up the escaltor to the exit turnstyle. There i see a BART station attendent reading the paper. I told him about my interaction with the other rider and he said that while its a rule, it is rarely enforced, but that if BART police see you on the escalator with a bike they can site you.

As it was told to me, while on the escalator with a bike, if the bike should touch the sides of the escalator there is a sensor on the side of the escalator that will shut the escalator down abruptly, thuis sending unexpected escalator rider off balance and suject to possible injury.

At this point i asked, where the elevator or stairs were located in the station. The attendent then mentioned that both are located at the other end of the 2 city block station. Oh , i say, thats conveinent..huh. So now what.. for some reason i feel compelled to find the guy who told me i was in the wrong this morning. maybe saying hey, i was wrong, if you idnt tell me what you told me i wouldnt have known it, and could have gotten a ticket.

focking idiotnm
Feb 21, 2002 8:12 PM
you really think there is a bike sensor on the escalator??? ha ha ha hahahahahaahaaaa
Really....Thats a good one....jrm
Feb 22, 2002 2:39 PM
Dude that made the afternoon.