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Is it my imagination? (On Euro sports orgs)(2 posts)

Is it my imagination? (On Euro sports orgs)McAndrus
Feb 17, 2002 6:30 AM
I was reading an article on the Canadian gold medal bru-ha-ha when I ran across this quote from the president of the French ISU. He was complaining of the treatment of the French skating judge who was suspended.

"'It is too easy for volunteers like us to be lynched like my judge,' Gailhaguet said Saturday from a leather couch in the billiard room of the French Club. 'We will fight very clearly all of these people all of the way. We are good people. We don't deserve what has been done to us. The reputation and dignity of the federation is in question, and we don't deserve that. ... if people plan to get rid of our judge, our skaters, our federation, or myself, I will be right in the middle of it with proper action.'"

Now to my ears that sounds amazingly similar to the bleatings the Euro organizations of cycling make when they're feuding with each other. In my mind I can easily change the topic to cycling, change the IOC to the UCI, and change the French skating head to the head of the Italian cycling federation and come up with the same sentiment after charges were leveled during the Giro drug busts.

Between the Olympics, I pay zero attention to sports like figure skating but from this I conclude that European sports bodies have similar structures regardless of the sport and show similar behavior patterns. I would think they're densely bureaucratic, populated with apparatchiks who are overflowing with ego, and who are dedicated more to their organizations than to their sports.

Sort of like Euro cycling, no? Or am I missing a nuance in this?

Oh, and I just loved this one sentence fragment, "Gailhaguet said Saturday from a leather couch in the billiard room of the French Club."
Ever notice the UCI, FIA, FIM are all based in France...OutWest
Feb 18, 2002 10:35 PM
...and that the French generally have no qualms about seeing that they look after their own interests. Not that they are alone in that, its just they will go a step or two further than most. I'm English-Canadian and I've grown up with the French-Canadians being their merry little sleves.