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What the fock is up with Speedvision...(4 posts)

What the fock is up with Speedvision...jrm
Feb 16, 2002 5:05 PM
it changed over to speed channel last week. Repetive Nascar programming. Then today. I heard " dale Earnhart was the "bess rac'en Kar
dry-ver dat ev-va holded un too a steer-un whee-il". Oh shlt im scared. Has Speedvision become the nascar marketing platform? or the church of nascar?

David E. Davis...You focking suck if you sold out the nascar.
second thatlonefrontranger
Feb 16, 2002 7:58 PM
Man, if they don't show the WRC coverage I'm anticipating, I'm gonna go postal on someone.
It's gotta' be about money (as usual)Tig
Feb 19, 2002 11:43 AM
I love watching motorcycle road racing on Speedvision. Occasionally they have other good programs as well, like the European rallies. Thanks to the "bubba's" falling for over hyped and well marketed NASCAR, the demand for more must be getting noticed. I just don't get how NASCAR (or worse, the trucks!) can be more entertaining than Grand Prix or CART racing. Rolling billboard sedans circling an oval track is boring. The rednecks just want to see a big crash. I saw an interesting bumper sticker on an F-250 truck yesterday that said, "I'm not tailgating, I'm DRAFTING". God help us all!
Just the kind of rant I would expect on this board.SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Feb 21, 2002 4:07 PM
Try not to be so stereotypical next time.