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Mariah Carey, the American national anthem and the Superbowl(7 posts)

Mariah Carey, the American national anthem and the SuperbowlFr Ted Crilly
Feb 8, 2002 7:06 PM
While listening to Mariah Carey sing The Star Spangled Banner at the start of last Sunday's Superbowl, I couldn't help but think that she was making an absolute mockery of her national anthem with all her "oooohs" and "aaaahs". But when quizzing some American work colleagues about this, they stated that it was perfectly acceptable for artists to sing their own version of the anthem. Considering how respectful most Americans are towards their flag, I thought it rather strange that they would accept someone singing the anthem in such a fashion. Certainly no one in the UK would be allowed to sing God Save the Queen at a major public event in such a manner without some level of criticism from the press. Or maybe it's just me and Mariah actually sung a beautiful rendition of the anthem.
Any comments anyone?
Mariah Carey is a ditz!OutWest
Feb 8, 2002 7:34 PM
I wonder what kind of toothpaste she uses?
And She Lip Sync'd it too.Jrm
Feb 10, 2002 8:17 AM
You should see her on Cribs on MTV. its interesting to see what pop/rap stars with 6th grade educations spend money on. Let alone listening to them describe why they buy whatt they buy.
So did Whitney Houston at the 91 Super BowlBrian C.
Feb 10, 2002 11:45 AM
I think most of them lip-synch the anthem these days out of fear that too much can go wrong.
But Rosanne....Didnt Nmjrm
Feb 13, 2002 7:26 AM
The difference between capability and talentMe Dot Org
Feb 10, 2002 10:36 PM
Mariah Carey has an incredible range, and an incredible voice. Ever since she came on the pop scene, I've hoped she would find something within herself that is more important than simply being the latest billboard for MTV.

Barbra Steisand puts more economy (which does not mean less effort) into phrasing a song. Mariah Carey ends up doing little trills and scale runs because she has great appreciation for her own vocal abilities, but little feeling for how to use her voice within the context of the the music.

She has the capability to sing, what she lacks is the talent to mold her voice to the material.
so truemr_spin
Feb 11, 2002 7:59 AM
You don't have to like her or her music, but there is no question that Mariah Carey does have an amazing voice. In her earlier days she did some gospel-type numbers that were really good.

I thought she did OK with the national anthem, up until the end when she threw in that ultrasonic shrill thing. Her problem, I think, is the choices she makes. And that was a bad one.

I'll tell you who impressed me the other day was Leann Rhimes at the Olympics opening ceremony. She's got a great voice to begin with, but she really showed something here. Modulating through four or five escalating key changes, and nailing every one. It was even more impressive because on each change she had no hint for that first note from the orchestra, and she nailed every one. A true talent. What is she, 19 now? I'm glad they saved her until the end--always leave them wanting more.