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Sacrilege!(24 posts)

Feb 8, 2002 9:44 AM
So, there I am, watching the super bowl when on comes a commercial. I hear Robert Plant singing "been a long time since I rock 'n' rolled". On a Cadillac ad! Does this imply that at one time Cadillac did "rock 'n' roll"? Which vehicle was that, the Cimmaron?

I'm disappointed to see many of my younger musical favorite artists being commercialized. Led Zeppelin for Cadillac, Aerosmith for Dodge(maybe the song should be "Just Push Pay" not "play"), etc. Somebody please make it stop!
This too shall passMcAndrus
Feb 8, 2002 10:04 AM
It just seems to be a trend in car advertising. Just do what I do, hit the mute button. It's just an advertising fad and it too shall pass.

Oh, and Cadillac never "rocked and rolled." My 78 year old mother owns a Cadillac and that's why GM hates the Caddy's demographics.
Once upon a time....Starliner
Feb 8, 2002 1:38 PM
... Cadillacs were among the fastest cars on the road. The V16's during the depression years were big and fast and faves of gangsters and movie stars. At the end of the 40's, Cadillac came out with a powerful high compression OHV V-8 engine which was powerful, fast and cutting-edge for the times.

In 1950, rich-boy Briggs Cunningham bought two Cadillacs and took them to France to compete at Le Mans. One was a virtually stock 2-door hardtop, and the other had the body removed, replaced by a bizarre looking aluminum body mounted on the stock chassis.

The stock coupe ended up finishing in 10th place at an average speed of over 80 mph for the 24 hours. The modified Caddy spun and crashed early on, but rejoined the race and fought its way from 35th position to finish just behind the other Caddy in 11th place. Not too shabby for a couple of private entrants who competed against the finest and fastest racing drivers and cars of the world at that time.

So, in fact, Cadillac does have a legacy of speed, but you have to go way back to know about it. (For the last few years, a Cadillac-engined roadster has competed at Le Mans but has not fared as well as hoped)
yeah, but...4bykn
Feb 8, 2002 11:30 PM
I always considered Cadillac's hot-rod years to pre-date rock and roll. They definitely pre-date me!

And the LeMans racers(I think there were two of them) seemed to fly better than they'd drive. I remember the picture of one upside-down, about 15 feet above the track.
Elvis drove a pink CadillacStarliner
Feb 9, 2002 10:29 AM
and Aretha sung a song about one. JFK was killed in a Lincoln Continental.

That said, yes, you have a good point to ponder with regard to the sacriligious usage of R&R classics to sell products. I can see how one can see the cheapness of it all and feel betrayed in a sense, just as I feel religion is not something that can be hawked door-to-door in the style of a Fuller Brush salesman.

I suppose the ad agencies figured any fallout would not be significant however. Cadillac's ad guys are simply following other high-end (mercedes, jaguar) competitors with their usage of good old tunes in their ads.

Yet they might have miscalculated a bit with the Led Zepplin song in the Caddy parking lot commercial, for I agree that the song seemed somewhat incongruous to the whole thing.
speaking of commercializationTig
Feb 8, 2002 10:05 AM
I think the only major US stadium/field that hasn't changed its name to some corporate sponsor is Veteran's Field, and that's because it is about to be replaced! Is everything for sale?! Advertising video displays are popping up everywhere you go. Billboards weren't enough. The constant saturation of ad's will make us feel like we are in Tokyo soon. Argh! Where does it end?! Will it cause a cultural retro-grouch rebellion?

We've seen it in professional cycling. Watching old videos like "A Sunday in Hell" reminds me of those simple times of graceful wool jerseys with the team name and maybe one other sponsor. Now we get a situation like, "Well, Lance. We know there is a bad 20 MPH crosswind on today's time trial, but the sponsors demand their names be shown on disk wheels, even if it can't be read when you are going 32 MPH."

Our mayor is even considering putting the city's name up for grabs. I can see it now... "The Coca-Cola City of Houston", or "Now Entering Kotex Houston City Limits". I'm all for free enterprise, but this is too much.

Ah, that was fun. Please don't take it out of context. :o)
And Now Groove Armada & Nike....WTF NmJrm
Feb 8, 2002 10:56 AM
It's not all bad. . .js5280
Feb 8, 2002 12:22 PM
I dig the Nissan commerical where G.I. Joe goes to pick up Barbie w/ Van Halen's "You really got me" blaring. I still smile when I hear the song. Your right though, it is a definate trend in car advertising. However you see it all the time now w/ TV shows opening songs (Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, anything on the WB ;-) too.

Now when classic music goes to Muzak, that's when I get the creeps. First time I hear the Sex Pistols in the elevator, I know it's time to leave the planet ;-)
Easy: People who like that music can afford Caddies nowcory
Feb 8, 2002 12:57 PM
The baby boomers are closing in on the end of their kids' college tuition, got their houses about paid for, they can afford to spend some money on cars. Cadillac's trying to edge them away from Mercedes. With the price of a Ram pickup these days, maybe that's what Dodge is doing, too.
Personally, I'd buy an Acura and a rack for my Rivendell...if my kids were done with college and my house were paid for and I had some money to spend on anything except tuition.
Never was a fanmr_spin
Feb 8, 2002 1:09 PM
I never could stand Zepplin, but that's beside the point. I think I am too cynical and jaded, or possibly too stupid to understand how playing a song is supposed to make me go buy a car, or a bike, or Honey Nut Cheerios, or 15 different kinds of Colgate toothpaste.

I'll pass on the Zep. I'd rather listen to the Goldfish song than the Immigrant Song. "The wholesome snack that smiles back
until you bite their heads off!" What a great line....
are you serious?!merckx56
Feb 8, 2002 1:37 PM
if you don't think a '59 cadillac series 62 covertible isn't rock and roll, you're britney spears cd is too loud!
how about the escalade? it's the choice of the rock and rap world! ah, an escalade with chrome 20's...
are you serious?!4bykn
Feb 8, 2002 11:37 PM
Britney? My younger daughter likes her, but my older daughter is a big Beatles/John Lennon fan. None of that teenie bopper stuff in my collection.

And, in my opinion, just because a rapper/rocker drives a vehicle doesn't necessarily mean that vehicle rocks.
are you serious?!merckx56
Feb 9, 2002 2:50 PM
how about the red '59 in the commercial!?! i was being facetious about the escalade!
are you serious?!4bykn
Feb 9, 2002 3:02 PM
While I agree the '59 is a great car, I still don't think of it as rockin'. Maybe I just have a preconceived notion about Caddies being for "old folk".

Simetimes it's rather hard for humor to be gotten on these forums, sorry I didnt get the Escalade crack.
My favorite commercial songmickey-mac
Feb 8, 2002 2:03 PM
A cruise line runs an ad using "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop. With the song playing in the background, the ad shows young, good-looking people engaging in all sorts of fun and healthy on-board and off-board activities. I guess someone forgot to mention to the cruise line reps that Lust for Life is about trying to kick junk. Not surprisingly, the commercial doesn't use portions of the song referring to sex and drugs, the flesh machine, hypnotizing chickens, torture films, or getting it in the ear.

Here Comes Johnny Yen Again
With The Liquor And Drugs
And The Flesh Machine
He's Gonna Do Another Strip Tease.
Hey Man, Where'd Ya Get That Lotion?
I've Been Hurting Since I've Bought The Gimmick
About Something Called Love
Yeah, Something Called Love.
Well, That's Like Hypnotizing Chickens.

Well, I'm Just A Modern Guy
Of Course, I've Had It In The Ear Before.
I Have A Lust For Life
'Cause Of A Lust For Life.

I'm Worth A Million In Prizes
With My Torture Film
Drive A GTO
Wear A Uniform
All On A Government Loan.
I'm Worth A Million In Prizes
Yeah, I'm Through With Sleeping On The Sidewalk
No More Beating My Brains
No More Beating My Brains
With Liquor And Drugs
With Liquor And Drugs.

Well, I'm Just A Modern Guy
Of Course, I've Had It In My Ear Before
Well, I've A Lust For Life (Lust For Life)
'Cause Of A Lust For Life (Lust For Life, Oooo)
I Got A Lust For Life (Oooo)
Got A Lust For Life (Oooo)
Oh, A Lust For Life (Oooo)
Oh, A Lust For Life (Oooo)
A Lust For Life (Oooo)
I Got A Lust For Life (Oooo)
Got A Lust For Life.

Well, I'm Just A Modern Guy
Of Course, I've Had It In My Ear Before
Well, I've A Lust For Life
'Cause I've A Lust For Life.

Here Comes Johnny Yen Again
With The Liquor And Drugs
And The Flesh Machine
He's Gonna Do Another Strip Tease.
Hey Man, Where'd Ya Get That Lotion?
Your Skin Starts Itching Once You Buy The Gimmick
About Something Called Love
Love, Love, Love
Well, That's Like Hypnotizing Chickens.

Well, I'm Just A Modern Guy
Of Course, I've Had It In The Ear Before
And I've A Lust For Life (Lust For Life)
'Cause I've A Lust For Life (Lust For Life)
Got A Lust For Life
Yeah, A Lust For Life
I Got A Lust For Life
A Lust For Life
Got A Lust For Life
Yeah A Lust For Life
I Got A Lust For Life
Lust For Life
Lust For Life
Lust For Life
Lust For Life
Lust For Life
Proves just about anything is commercially co-optable.Sintesi at home
Feb 10, 2002 9:21 AM
Good call.

Remember "Walk on the Wild Side" for Honda scooters? Lou Reed made an appearance in the spot. Even the most difficult, marginal topics, can be defanged and employed it seems.

Somewhere there is genius who will figure out a way to use the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk to F**k" to sell snack chips.
Further DK potentialmickey-mac
Feb 10, 2002 10:33 AM
I envision a travel agency or airline using "Holiday in Cambodia" in an ad campaign. I'm sure some clever advertising executive can figure out a way to change the "Pol Pot" chorus to something more marketing friendly.
Heh, heh. "Not too cold, or HOT!" "Not too cold, or HOT!"Sintesi
Feb 12, 2002 11:52 AM
Instead of Pol Pot. Gotta admire a lawyer who knows who the DK were. : )

(you're a lawyer, right? or do I have you confused w/ someone else?)
That's memickey-mac
Feb 12, 2002 5:59 PM
I'm the lawyer who used to get really drunk and see the Dead Kennedys at the Whisky on the Sunset Strip. Well, I wasn't a lawyer back then. Anyhow, I also got caught up in a riot at the Whisky after cops cancelled the 11:00 Black Flag show and saw the Go-Gos at the Whisky when they still couldn't play their instruments and Belinda Carlile was still a chubby girl from the Lilywhite suburb of Thousand Oaks. I saw Darby Crash of the Germs about a month before he died of a heroin overdose and got kicked in the head (accidentally, I think) by by Lee Ving of Fear. Ah, those were the days.
Kicked in the head by Lee Ving? I must congratulate you sir.Sintesi
Feb 13, 2002 6:10 AM
Too cool. I wonder what happened to his "movie career?" Have you seen SLC Punk yet? Funny movie. A few scenes could have been snap shots of my youth.
Lee's "filmography"mickey-mac
Feb 13, 2002 10:03 PM
From the Lee Ving web site, here's a list of his film appearances:

Streets of fire
Black moon rising
Decline of western civilization
The wild life
Get crazy
Scenes from the goldmine
Pulse pounders
Taking of beverly hills
Masters of menace
Grave secrets

I don't recognize any of them from the recently announced Oscar nominations. I haven't seen SLC Punk and, in fact, have been in a movie theater only twice since my daughter was born 5 years ago. Maybe I'll try to track it down on videotape if it ever makes it there.
Digressing, but...OutWest
Feb 8, 2002 7:50 PM
...the commercial that drives me right up the wall is for a retirement fund or lottery. They haul up a deep sea diver and take the helmet off and its the Tinman. I HATE THE TINMAN! The idiot says "totally dry, not a drop". Well duh, its not a wet suit tin-head. Sorry, I never liked The Wizard Of Oz and especially the Tinman. Whew, I feel better already.
re: Sacrilege!Me Dot Org
Feb 10, 2002 10:52 PM
The new Caddy CTS gets high marks from Road & Track for having a great suspension and being a very credible sports sedan.

Several years ago, market research discovered some pretty disconcerting trends for General Motors: The good news was that Cadillac owners were very loyal. The bad news was they were a stagnant group and getting older. So unless Cadillac did something, in 20 years all their owners would be dead. Cadillac has a difficult balancing act, how to produce cars that don't alienate the retired golfers while at the same time attracting more BMW/Merc/Audi/Lexus buyers.

The CTS is there best effort (the Catera was stopgap). I think they did a pretty good job.

Having said that, it IS pretty disheartening hearing Zeppelin for Cadillac (not as disheartening as it was hearing John Lennon's 'Revolution' for Nike).

I guess we have to look forward to celebrity spokespersons Keith Richards for Depenz and Grace Slick for Polygrip.
Ah, the Catera. Reminds me of a mole...mr_spin
Feb 11, 2002 1:38 PM
Could care less about the car, but as far as commercials go, I still remember Cindy Crawford in a leather mini skirt during the Super Bowl pitching the Catera.

They only showed that ad once. I think there was some outcry from some group of pathetic losers and Cadillac quickly claimed it was only supposed to run once.

Too bad, because that commercial was nothing compared to the Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy?" commercials. I'm amazed that no one has protested those. And frankly, I'm glad!