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Sign of the times: Heroism, Incorported LLP(1 post)

Sign of the times: Heroism, Incorported LLPMe Dot Org
Feb 6, 2002 11:28 PM
Has anyone been following the rather sad story of the Todd Beamer Foundation? Todd Beamer was a man aboard the hijacked flight on September 11th whose passengers brought down the plane in Pennsylvania. Beamer uttered the famous words "Let's Roll!" before going to battle the hijackers.

Several individuals have tried to copyright the phrase, and the Todd Beamer Foundation has (one would assume) pre-emptively filed for copyright protection for the phrase "Let's Roll":

Doug MacMillan, executive director of the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, said the foundation wants to put the phrase on merchandise such as T-shirts and hats and put a stop to "profiteering" by those who are already selling such items.

Coming soon:

Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" Pillows
Warren G. Harding "Return To Normalcy" Laxative
Nathan Hale "I regret I have one life to give" organ donation centers
Harry Truman "The Buck Stops Here" Hunting Preserves
Richard Nixon "Bring Us Together" Marriage Counseling
Ronald Reagan "Morning in America" instant coffee