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Need some Anti-Spam Help!(4 posts)

Need some Anti-Spam Help!Me Dot Org
Feb 6, 2002 4:55 PM
My ISP was bought by another ISP. They were having trouble consolidating email servers, I didn't read the update on how I needed to change the I accessed the email server...anyway, I didn't get my email for 2 weeks.

Today I downloaded 1,300 emails! And, of couse, 98% of it is SPAM: lose weight, increase the size of your penis or breasts or stock tips or Florida Vacations or teenyboppers doing unthinkable things to other teenyboppers or whatever... I never realized how much junk I got until I had it pile up for 2 weeks. It's taken me hours to dig out from under it all.

Sometimes I think I need to invent a product that loses weight from you stomach and relocates it to your penis. Then make a stock offering of the product on the internet. That way I can consolidate all of the idiotic emails in one.

Does anyone know good anti-spam software, or have strategies for dealing with all of this stuff? I'm sick of it!
re: Need some Anti-Spam Help!harlett
Feb 6, 2002 5:24 PM
.i use "spam exterminator"-- it integrates well and comes with something like 17000 addresses already in it-- it's also makes it easy to set up junk files to send spam directly to--
Tried to download it...Me Dot Org
Feb 6, 2002 10:53 PM
I tried to download Spam Exterminator from pcworld's site. After I ran the downloaded exectutable, I got a pop-up window telling me to go to , but when I click on the link, I'm sent to an error page:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
An error has occurred.

HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found

Get the same message from zdnet and, but it seems like there's no longer a free trial period. (Did find a great little MP3 finder called BearShare ;-)

I'll try again tomorrow. Got distracted by BearShare. I'm tracking down all of the original recordings of the songs in "Shrek's Karaoke Dance Party" to prove my my best friend's 7-year-old twins that all of this music existed before the movie...
Tried to download it...harlett
Feb 7, 2002 1:26 AM
.i got the exterminator over a year and a half ago so i don't know what versions are out there now-- my version is for nt and .i think 95 win-- i did get a free download and trial period.then i think i only paid about $20 for it--

at 7 (doesn't seem that long ago) i think i was making animated flipbooks and marveling at the action-- now 7 year olds are watching a computer generated gingerbread man singing "do you really want to hurt me? oh! do you really want to make me cry?". on the dvd fiona tramps out for "like a virgin" and then talks about her and snow white doing a remake of "thelma and louise" *S*-- i'm sure the twins will enjoy your efforts--