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Worthy candidates for Nobel Lit. 2002?(9 posts)

Worthy candidates for Nobel Lit. 2002?Alex-in-Evanston
Feb 6, 2002 8:58 AM
The Rushdie post got me thinking about who may win next year. To be honest, there have been a few winners in the past decade I had never heard of (Xingjian, Oe, Fo, Szymborska), so my eye for prediction may not be the best.

They do seem to favor liberal, if not revolutionary, political minds. I thought this might put Rushdie in good stead, but Naipul's prize may have bumped him back a few years. I don't think Nobel likes to award the same nation in consecutive years. The fact that Naipul is a Trinidadian and Rushdie is a Brit hardly seems to matter.

From my American perspective, Updike seems worthy based on quality and volume of work. He's also been a champion of shorter forms and a great critic. I have a soft spot for McCarthy, but I think once you refuse to accept an award (didn't he stand up the National Book Awards?) you don't get another. Delillo's stuff is beautiful, and he wrote a whopper a few years ago.

The international writers I know are all too young. Ben Okri, Kazuo Ishiguro and Michael Ondaajte (sp?) have all won Bookers, but are under 50 years old.

If anybody here knows poetry, pipe up. The Nobel isn't just for novelists.

It's just a parlor game - somebody take a shot.

Js Haiku Shop!mr_spin
Feb 6, 2002 9:17 AM
Such a fine body of work. Except we haven't seen a lot of haiku in a while. I hope he didn't peak too early.
Js Haiku Shop! - I Agree 100%, love the "week in review" haikuShad
Feb 6, 2002 10:06 AM
If he won, he might finally get that big check he keeps insisting on for his art.

Haiku Jeff and Hooked on Phonics make reading fun! He really should start preparing an all haiku acceptance speech.
the speechmr_spin
Feb 6, 2002 10:27 AM
thanks for the award
I'll keep it on my mantle
yum! swedish vodka!
aww, shucks!...Js Haiku Shop
Feb 6, 2002 12:38 PM
I, from Haiku Shop
like to thank academy
and RBR friends

for many years, pine
must let flow lyric wishes,
shoes with goldfishes

tomorrow too soon
Laureate fame: fifteen min

haiku rare lately
J-Ku not in mood at work,
not login at home

tickled pink, am i
at Nobel nomination
ah, but i digress-

mountain centries,
and for most hilly doubles
now i ride base miles

watch heart monitor
alas, no hammer 'til march
depressed is J-Ku

March test legs, will i
in Appalacian foothills
century scouting

April intervals
hill repeats, build and taper
May rides: mountain fun!

12-by-23, J-Ku
and look-2-7-1

anyone else game?
e-mail me for more info
and coordinate.
All your base miles are belong to us! nmMB1
Feb 6, 2002 1:11 PM
re: Worthy candidates for Nobel Lit. 2002?harlett
Feb 6, 2002 10:26 AM
the short list has to have two time booker prize winner j.m. coetzee-- both "the life and times of michael k" (which left me feeling emotionally drained and disturbed, but the insight and understanding of human nature gives a glimmer of hope) and "disgrace" (post apartheid moral dilemmas) look into the very soul of south africa--

my choice would be french poet and art critic yves bonnefoy, who also has to be on the short list--

passer-by, these are words-- but instead of reading
.i want you to listen: to this frail
voice like that of letters eaten by grass--

lend an ear, hear first of all the happy bee
foraging in our almost rubbed-out names--
it flits between two sprays of leaves,
carrying the sound of branches that are real
to those that filigree the still unseen--

then know an even fainter sound, and let it be
the endless murmuring of all our shades--
their whisper rises from beneath the stones
to fuse into a single heat with that blind
light you are as yet, who can still gaze--

may your listening be good! silence
is a threshold where a twig breaks in your hand,
imperceptibly, as you attempt to disengage
a name upon a stone:

and so our absent names untangle your alarms--
and for you who move away, pensively,
here becomes there without ceasing to be--
My take isscottfree
Feb 6, 2002 10:31 AM
the winner will be someone you and I never heard of from a country we've never been to with a sad story and an unpronounceable name. It's way past time that Bellow won the Nobel, and I can even make a case for Mailer, but of the Americans I think McCarthy has the best shot, based on the recent obscurantism of the Nobel Committee.

Unfortunately, in recent years it seems the Swedes have dismissed mainstream American literature as unworthy of their consideration.
My take isharlett
Feb 6, 2002 5:27 PM
bellow won it in 1976-- the only americans that have probably made the short list the past few years are oates, mailer, updike, roth and maybe pynchon-- all as deserving as morrison was-- i would like to see pynchon get it some year, even if it was based solely on gravity's rainbow-- its metaphor of entropy and masterful use of popular culture changed the way i think more than any other book--