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32-Week Ultrasound(11 posts)

32-Week UltrasoundPsyDoc
Jan 4, 2002 7:15 AM
Hi All.

My wife had her 32-week ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing how much the baby has grown since her earlier ultrasound. In the first ultrasound, you could see the whole baby in the frame, but not anymore. He is 4.2 lbs. right now and they are estimating that he will be between 7.5 - 8.0 lbs. at birth. Here is a profile of the face/head. Eight more weeks and we will finally get to see and hold him!!
Jan 4, 2002 7:27 AM
Looks almost fully baked. Aren't those things (ultrasound)amazing?

My wife had one yesterday at 17 weeks. Could see the whole thing, like you said. About 7 1/2 inches and 1 pound right now. Moving around like crazy.

Good luck. Is this your first?

Jan 6, 2002 9:03 AM
...this is our first on both sides of the family. I am sure this kid is going to be spoiled rotten, especially at Christmas.
saw the baby clearly yesterdayDog
Jan 9, 2002 1:22 PM
Had to go to the hospital because of some threatened cervix problem (ok, though). They brought out the super-duper sonagram machine. Could see the whole baby, including obvious male parts, very clearly.

Turns out that what we thought were problems with the cervix were really because the baby was kicking the crap out the the cervix, enough to get some bleeding. On the sonagram, it looked exactly like the baby was peddling a bike, heartrate at 155.

Already doing endurance work, cool.......Len J
Jan 9, 2002 1:29 PM
glad the wife was OK too, These scares can beat the S##t out of you.

Continued good luck.

Glad to hear...PsyDoc
Jan 11, 2002 8:44 AM
...everything went o.k. There is nothing worse than hearing that "something" might be wrong. My wife had some sharp pains near her right ovary. Turns out, the pain was caused from the ligaments stretching in that area. But, because this is our first child, we panicked a bit. So far, each time we have gone in for a regular check-up, I have recorded the heartbeat of our son. The range has been between 127 and 160. The 127 reading was shortly after my wife had a massage and was REALLY relaxed.
Glad to hear...DrD
Jan 11, 2002 7:26 PM
The variation in the heart rate is pretty normal (that's more or less the range it's going to be in though delivery) - we just had our first back in November (6 weeks old this past Thursday) - scares are definitely less than fun, but better than the alternative (we lost two before having this one...) - had a number of scares with our new baby, too - a ruptered cyst in an ovary at 12 wks, random spotting in the mid 20's, reduced fetal movement in the mid 30's, etc. - all normal things to have happen, but if you are nervous enough, everything is a crisis (after loosing a couple, "ultraparanoid" doesn't begin to describe what you are like when something seems to be amiss!) - all was fine, though. Everything worked out great - and we had a beautiful little (!) 9lb 4oz baby! (I think if you were to ask my wife - you probably don't want yours to get that big! She delivered naturally - no epidural or anything!)

(on another note - we highly recommend the "what to expect when you are expecting" and "what to expect for the first year" books - they help answer alot of questions about what is or is not normal.)
heres a quick time movieColnagoFE
Jan 4, 2002 7:36 AM
In think this was around '95 so forgive the web design, but I've always thought this was a pretty cool movie of my first kid's ultrasound. Haven't gotten around to putting anything together for my new kid yet.
here's "his" first ultrasound moviePsyDoc
Jan 6, 2002 9:01 AM
You can see "Baby PsyDoc's" first ultrasound movie at: ""

You can see that he is a boy by the "three points that form a turtle-head." According to the ultrasound technician, the sex organs of babies look like turtle-heads or a cheeseburger.
She's getting close!Tig
Jan 4, 2002 10:34 AM
I'm not sure if you have any kids already, but that still doesn't change the excitement of a new baby warming up on deck. The big moment will come soon enough. I'm happy for you and the Mrs. PsyDoc.
Hey, he looks like you!Spinchick
Jan 4, 2002 12:54 PM
Congrats PsyDoc... I have my 17 week ultrasound in two weeks. Always exciting to catch a glimpse of the little critter!