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MCAT's (Medical College Admissions Test)...(2 posts)

MCAT's (Medical College Admissions Test)...SamDC
Jan 3, 2002 12:40 PM
Just wondering if anybody's has or will be taking them in the near future. Just wanted to see how other people are approaching the exam; any tips or tricks. I took them about four years ago and received a 28 (8V, 9B, 11P) but felt I could have done MUCH better. Thanks!
Took'em 16 years ago?PaulCL
Jan 3, 2002 12:45 PM
Does that help? I remember taking a cram course and using study books. All in all, it sucked. But my scores were good enough to get into a few med schools....but that didn't last. I took a leave of absence in my third year and stayed absent. I often wonder if the school is still holding a place open for me......