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The Strokes(2 posts)

The Strokesmickey-mac
Dec 23, 2001 6:19 PM
Has anyone given a good listen to the entirety of "Is This It" by the Strokes? I got a music gift certificate from someone at work and am probably going to pick up this record in the next few days. I've thoroughly enjoyed every song I've heard from the album, but I'm always wary of buying into the "next big thing" thing. Are they the new NY music gods, the most overhyped band of the new millenium, or somewhere in between?
re: The StrokesWoof the dog
Dec 23, 2001 8:04 PM
if we are thinkin' of the same band:

no but I've heard/seen the music video on mtv, I think, where a guy throws the microphone stand. And I don't get it...a bunch of guys dressed like out of the late seventies/eighties seems like, playing some kind of a generic rock, not even a modern rock! How do they come up with "popular" songs anyway? I mean there are better bands and there are also much better songs by popular artists that just don't get played EVER. Hmmmm....

Just buy the friggin cd if you like it. Why care about what others think? Or even better, get on imesh and download 'em for free and burn them all on cds.


Woof, the music dog...or is it god?