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Do you speak English or American?(6 posts)

Do you speak English or American?Dog
Dec 17, 2001 11:17 AM
Came across this from Sheldon Brown's site. Pretty interesting. I recall 22 years ago being confused in trying to find the "bonnet" on my MG, as noted in the manual.

Anyway, here is a translation guide to make it easier. I see that "blowing a fag" is not a dirty thing at all :-)

re: Do you speak English or American?zzz
Dec 17, 2001 12:01 PM
American, Canadian and some English English. While we are at it: Francais, Espanol and Deutshe. Blowing fags is detrimental to your lungs. It is bad in any language. Bicycling est bon das toutes langues.
Dec 17, 2001 6:26 PM
by region rather than choice. I think I can just about clean it up, except the Boulderites here still look at me like I have six heads when I ask for a "pop" or decide to "worsh" something.

Some fractured Teuto-Franco-Spanglish due to spending a year across the pond bumming around with a German downhiller.
At least you didn't move to Worshington (nm)mickey-mac
Dec 17, 2001 8:07 PM
Neither - I've adopted Ro'Dyeland-ese as my lingua franca. nmRhodyRider
Dec 18, 2001 6:05 AM
erin go braugh, err or somethingslow-ron
Dec 18, 2001 9:59 AM
my boss grew up in ireland and moved to the states in his 40's, talk about difficult to understand. guy talks a mile a minute while using words and expressions from outer space. i constantly say 'what?'. he's easier to comprehend when we're both drunk.