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Ok, how many of us have pets?(18 posts)

Ok, how many of us have pets?look271
Dec 14, 2001 8:34 PM
Here's our youngest bad-girl, Madeline. Wait 'till she finds out that Santa's bringing a puppy!
Dec 14, 2001 8:43 PM
Sorry, but I have a strong dislike of cats. The funny thing is that every time I mention that to a cat lover the response is: "Oh, you'll love my cat. She's totally different. She's more like a dog." If the cat is great because she's so much like a dog, why didn't you just get a damn dog in the first place? Sorry, I get all worked up when people start talking about cats: nothing personal. I'm sure your cat is terrific, just like a dog. ;-)
Truth is;look271
Dec 14, 2001 8:50 PM
I prefer dogs, too. However, cats are WAY easier to take care of than a dog, and, since my kids were too young to take care of a dog, they got a cat, and then another cat.As far as cats go, they are pretty cool. However, they ARE NOT dogs, so that's why we're getting a pup for Christmas. 2 kids, 2 cats, and a dog. Bring on the Advil! If you don't like Maddy, here's Sgt Pepper:
Dec 14, 2001 9:09 PM
I have no problem with "house cats" as long as they're not in my house and not in a house I ever have to visit. My major gripe is with outside cats. Our next door neighbor has one. It's constantly crapping on our lawn, leaving dirty pawprints all over our cars, and generally making a nuisance of itself. Now our neighbors across the street just got a set of kittens. They seem to feel more comfortable on our property than they do at their own house.

And since I'm ranting about pets, people who live in apartments shouldn't be allowed to own dogs unless they have someplace for the dogs to relieve themselves. We have a street with apartments behind us, and the dog owners are constantly bringing their dogs onto our street for the sole purpose of letting the dogs go on our lawns. I'm thinking about taking our baby over to the apartments, pulling his diaper off, and letting him do his business on the walkway in front of the apartments. OK, I'm not really going to do it, but it would serve them right.
re: Ummmm Bait......puppy..
Dec 15, 2001 8:53 AM
i will stroke him and pet him....
I have two dogs...PsyDoc
Dec 15, 2001 10:04 AM
...that were both Humane Society rescues. The one on the left is a pointer-mix named Sierra. The other is a Setter named Malley. Malley has grown much since puppy-hood and weighs 72 pounds...3 pounds heavier than Sierra. I have never had much of an interest in cats, though I do not go out of my way to hate them.
re: Ok, how many of us have pets?DINOSAUR
Dec 15, 2001 10:19 AM
One dog "Harley", a Rottweiler, and one cat "Max" a Maine Coon who looks similar to Look271's cat.
The Rottweiler thinks he is a Toy Poodle and the Main Coon thinks he is a dog, they are both disfunctional.

We lost our second dog "Gabriel", a Golden Retriever earlier this year. He was 15, which was old for dog years. I was with him when the Vet put him down. One of the hardest things I have ever done. Our Rottweiler misses him and mopes around, I'd like to adopt another dog but Mrs. Dinosaur says no. But I see another Golden in the near future.

Sorry no pictures we don't have a scanner..
el Perro VolandoTerry Brownell
Dec 15, 2001 12:50 PM
Marcel, the Flying Dog. Double-registered Australian Shepard. Lived for his tennis ball, went to his reward about 3 weeks ago. In this pic, he is doing what he did best - grabbing tennis balls at 6 feet in the air. We miss him!
el Perro Volando - the pictureTerry Brownell
Dec 15, 2001 12:52 PM
the rest of the familyTerry Brownell
Dec 15, 2001 1:02 PM
The horses, Huerfanita the Barn Cat and Rojo, the other Australian Shepard.
Did you miss the brake lever ?I AM
Dec 15, 2001 2:57 PM
If not then who was it that ran over your cat?
re: Ok, how many of us have pets?I AM
Dec 15, 2001 2:52 PM
Two dogs, Guinness ( the lab ) and Klondike ( the golden ).
Black and Tan--Cool! (nm)mickey-mac
Dec 15, 2001 3:32 PM
Please remind me how to post pix in the text, not as a link??terry b
Dec 15, 2001 5:20 PM
I've forgotten, and it's eating me alive. What's the code for posting pix as pix and not links?
Please remind me how to post pix in the text, not as a link??I AM
Dec 15, 2001 7:26 PM
I have no idea it's the first time I've posted a pic and it just worked out. Giving credit where it's actually due, my wife
actually helped me through it and I don't think I could do it again on my own.(must pay attention!!!)
Please remind me how to post pix in the text, not as a link??look271
Dec 15, 2001 7:28 PM
My 1st too. Just followed the instructions. Wasn't too tough.
from consternation - elucidationterry b
Dec 15, 2001 7:55 PM
Thanks, I re-read the instructions and discovered that I was pasting in the wrong place. Got it now.
re: Ok, how many of us have pets?ACE-
Jan 1, 2002 9:49 AM
Got a digicam for Christmas, must test!