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Those Evil PopTarts and Gatorade!(16 posts)

Those Evil PopTarts and Gatorade!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 9, 2001 6:25 PM
whats your flavor of choice?
I usually either go for the smores, chocolate or the brown sugar poptarts and a ice cold lemone-lime gatorade!!!
You gotta love em! there anything they cant do?
re: Those Evil PopTarts and Gatorade!Allen az
Dec 9, 2001 8:39 PM
Same here.... the smores or the chocolate, and the lemon-lime gatorade. Now I'm hungry. See what you did to me now?!! oh well. ; )

retro hereDog
Dec 10, 2001 6:46 AM
I go for the old fashioned strawberry Pop Tarts and lemon-lime Gatorade.

After a ride, for a real treat (i.e., rode a bunch of miles and can rationalize it), take unfrosted P-Tarts, toast them, and then slather them with butter - and then for the piece de resistance - sprinkle with sugar. UMMM! Wash it down with chocolate milk.

You are one sick puppy! ;-)MB1
Dec 10, 2001 6:59 AM
Rum balls. Miss M discovered rum balls at a bakery half way through a recent cold, wet, windy ride. Now she makes 'em for us. Talk about a great post cold ride treat, yummmmmmm...

BTW Orange Gatorade from powder. The pre-mixed store bought stuff tastes quite a bit diferent, I wonder if the ingredients are the same?
strawberry Pop-Tart blow torch!Tig
Dec 10, 2001 8:37 AM
Basic strawberry Pop-Tarts (SPT's) may be a cheap and inexpensive source of incendiary devices. Toasters which fail to eject Pop Tarts cause the Pop Tarts to emit flames 10-18 inches in height. Enjoy the complete humurous experiment at:
Don't toast them!mr_spin
Dec 10, 2001 10:37 AM
If your toaster catches on fire, it's because it's trying to tell you not to toast Pop Tarts! It ruins them. It's like cooking vegetables--all the good stuff gets cooked out.

And another thing: Pop Tarts must be frosted. I can only assume that unfrosted Pop Tarts have ascended directly from hell.

Finally, Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the best flavor. The other flavors are good, too, but the magical combination of brown sugar and cinnamon is heavenly.

I've done two Death Rides on Pop Tarts. I could probably ride the Tour de France if I had a sufficient supply of Pop Tarts.
Brown Sugar Cinnamon rules!Tig
Dec 10, 2001 12:02 PM
Yes, the Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the gourmet entry of the Pop-Tart selection. Mick had it right "Brown Sugar, how cum ya taste so good?".

Toasting Pop-Tarts? Well, I use a toaster to warm them up, but never enough to change the crust color. I leave the frosted ones for the kids... too much sugar for me!
Why are there no MomTarts? Wait, maybe some are tarts already!bikedodger
Dec 10, 2001 9:51 AM
Dog is a hardcore legend!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 11, 2001 5:55 PM
Dog wins!
hands down!!!
buttered poptarts with sugar sprinkled on them!!!
*bows down to dogs greatness*
Im gunna hafta give that a whirl!
You guys actually eat that s&*t?look271
Dec 13, 2001 5:41 PM
Really? Yuck. I prefer to get my sinful indulgence in pure, unadulterated chocolate and/or icecream. Icecream with chocolate, cookie dough, choc covered peanuts, pretzels, you name it, if it's covered with chocolate, it's fair game! (perhaps not ants, though!) God bless Ben and Jerry, patrion saints of sinfully delicious icecream!
nothing is safe with me around!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 14, 2001 2:33 PM
I eat all that crap too =)
pretty much anything that isnt nailed down
Gotta admit;look271
Dec 14, 2001 8:29 PM
Those smores pop tarts that my kids have are real tempting! Problem is, I'd have to eat the whole box to satisfy my hunger, and that's what, about a jillion calories of pure, unadulterated sugar!?
Gotta admit;BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 15, 2001 10:52 AM
yeah, that sounds about right =)
and chalk up 2 boxes for me!!!
And i wonder why Ive been mistaken for the michelin man
hahaha j/k there anything they cant do?
Gotta admit;look271
Dec 15, 2001 7:32 PM
Hey, can I follow you in a paceline? I have trouble because, well, smaller riders don't create much of a draft! (However, if it's a woman w/ nice legs and a nice tush, it really doesn't matter, does it?)

Thats My Job!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 17, 2001 5:18 PM
Well Im not the bigleadoutguy for nothing!
Pop tarts- they are evil.C-mond
Dec 17, 2001 5:37 AM
I have been eating them hard-core for about 2years. Then I decided to stop. I ate the brown sugar ones- low them better than the normal ones. I would eat 3 of them and then go work out with my teammates (who were cutting weight at the time). I would joke with them and tell them that I just ate the same amount of calories they were allowed in a day. And that was not a meal, ha/

I would love a poptart now. But it can't lead to anything good. So I will just grab my banana powerbar and try not to think about it.

Guess I have gotten used to it, empty calories are bad.