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Hello and help(14 posts)

Hello and helpDel O Groman
Dec 4, 2001 9:02 AM
I must bring to your attention the latest plot for the new world order to take over the world. The transmissions they plant in my head are getting unbearable. Please move out of your house and into a geodesic dome now. It will be your only hope of surviving when they loose the newest laser cannon on us.
You must live in a trailer parkStarliner
Dec 4, 2001 9:36 AM
You shouldn't be living in a structure surrounded by metal. It disrupts your vibrational communication with with your higher self which will make you more dependent upon information from external sources, thereby making you susceptable to delusional thoughts. In short, your reality has become theirs, and you've lost touch.
No I live in a dome in New mexicoDel O Groman
Dec 4, 2001 10:20 AM
It is made of old tires and scrap metal. Some may even call it an earthship. Beware though that the laser cannon does not shoot through tires as they deflect it's energy and allow the space beings to visit.
Elastic properties of rubbermr_spin
Dec 4, 2001 10:29 AM
Lasers bounce off rubber? Is that because of the elasticity? Old world technology defeats the new.

Did anyone see that awful movie Starship Troopers. It was so bad, it redefined bad. Anyway, they have powerful laser cannons that can target and kill meteorites, ships that can do interstellar travel, etc. But when the Space Marines get out to fight the insect things, all they have are machine guns. MACHINE GUNS!!! It takes 12 or so guys firing thousands of rounds to down one insect. All this advanced technology and they didn't bother to update a weapon that bascially hasn't changed since the early 1900s? What is the deal with that?
Elastic properties of rubberDel O Groman
Dec 4, 2001 11:42 AM
I've never seen Starship tropers before, but Laser cannons do exist and also bug creatures from space. I've been aboard their craft. Titanium is the reasson that these aliens keep visiting us as they need it for ships.
Dec 4, 2001 12:34 PM
Oh, oh Litespeed owners beware! The mother ship's gonna land and George Clinton's gonna take their bike.
Will you help me?Del O Groman
Dec 4, 2001 12:47 PM
I must know where Litespeed is if that is the best source of Titanium. The aliens are giving me a probe that makes it useless to not help them get what they want.
Will they accept inferior Chinese Ti?MB1
Dec 4, 2001 1:06 PM
Butted or straight gauge?
Tube or bar stock?
Welded or cast and formed?
Polished or bead blasted?
Need a waterbottle to go with that?
Will you help me?Me Dot Org
Dec 5, 2001 10:11 AM
Actually, Litespeed is controlled by space aliens. This is where they unload all of the inferior titanium that cannot stand up to the rigors of LIGHTSPEED.

Understand, I'm not knocking Litespeed frames, they are very good for sub-lightspeed travel.

Litespeed has worked out a deal whereby all sightings of alien spacecraft by the local populace are reported directly to the National Enquirer. In exchange they are given football players for the Tennessee Volunteers.
Elastic properties of rubberbikedodger
Dec 4, 2001 2:37 PM
I couldn't figure out why the troopers weren't armed with cans of Raid. It kills bugs dead!
Elastic properties of rubbermr_spin
Dec 4, 2001 2:56 PM
Raid would have been so much more effective! At least some mosquito repellant to give them more time to fire off a couple of thousand more rounds.

That movie was so bad, it pisses me off that I actually saw it. I'm still mad. That's two hours of my life, wasted! Even worse, it played out like some Nazi master race fantasy.
A new paranoia for you!Softrider
Dec 4, 2001 2:55 PM
Have you heard about the Firestone tire recall?

Your house could roll over unexpectedly and kill you!
Get out of that Reynold's "earthship" before it's too late.Birddog
Dec 4, 2001 9:18 PM
And that noise is the "Taos Humm" I think it's caused by the secret submarine base that lies under Los Alamos.

Reynold's designs got it all wrong. You are supposed to be surrounded by tires and beer cans, but they should be outside your house, not part of it. It is real important to have an old vehicle, preferably a truck, up on blocks in your yard too. Those are all design elements of "Santa Feng Shui". There are many more, but too numerous too mention here.
Dec 4, 2001 10:40 PM
Aliens!!! I read the National Enquirer, I know what's going on. They're here, aren't they? You want proof? Here you go. Aliens should be required to let it all hang out. None of this zipping into a human husk to keep us all guessing. I think that life should be more like that crazy bar scene in Star Wars.
But I for one, don't want to fall prey to any abduction and experimentation. Feng Schwa's where it's at. Not Feng Shui, but Feng Schwa. Arranging one's environment to prevent abduction. There's little out there about this, or at least none that I could find, but I did read somewhere that miniature marshmallows work well as spacers between one's head and a protective tin foil lining!