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So we're all meat-eaters here...(11 posts)

So we're all meat-eaters here...mr_spin
Nov 20, 2001 2:16 PM
According to a scientific survey done recently, all of us here are meat-eaters. So maybe I'm out of luck asking this question here:

What is the deal with Tofu?

Yuk. I can't stand the stuff. And now I see ads for Tofu Turkey, which makes me want to hurl! Actually, anything with the word Tofu attached is just fake food for me. And it always looks like the food on the original Star Trek series--little colored squares of Jello-type matter. Yuk. Beam me out of here, Scotty. Send me to a planet with meat!
otoh, i prefer gardenburgers with salsa & jalapenos. nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 20, 2001 2:50 PM
They make a pretty decent tire nmDog
Nov 20, 2001 2:57 PM
That's ha-ha funnyStarliner
Nov 20, 2001 3:10 PM
I'm waiting to receive some tubular wheels I recently bought and have been investigating tires in the meanwhile... so good show, your humor rang my bell
That's ha-ha funnyDog
Nov 20, 2001 3:55 PM
That's what we call them at my LBS - Tofu's. It sort of sticks, you know?

If you want tubulars and not have to carry a spare (with some minimal risk), go with the Tofu's and carry the slime. Plus, they just don't f... very easily.

Traction isn't that great, though. Tradeoffs for everything.

Miso Soupmickey-mac
Nov 20, 2001 9:38 PM
is the only place I can tolerate tofu and even then in very small doses. Fortunately, the salty taste of Miso generally overwhelms the tofu and you're left only with that slimy sensation without much taste.

BTW, an Arnie Morton's just opened within walking distance from my work. I've got a hankerin' for a big Porterhouse. Now I just need to find someone who's willing to pay Morton's exorbitant price for a slab of beef, not to mention side dishes.
re: So we're all meat-eaters here...I AM
Nov 20, 2001 9:52 PM
Lot's of meat, preferably something I retrieved(PC) myself
from the woods, high protein, low fat, no growth hormone, no
antibiotics and veeeeery tasty.
Tofu yuk.
I concur............STEELYeyed
Nov 21, 2001 1:11 PM
the meat that I "harvest" myself is about the only meat that I eat these days.
Road kill? I don't think so.....nmBrooks
Nov 21, 2001 4:49 PM
LOL - Once...Kristin
Nov 23, 2001 8:30 AM father, a Montana bred farmer, and a neighbor were returning home late one night from some kinda testosterone fest. An elderly couple, two cars ahead, hit and killed an 8 point buck. Well, they couldn't resist! The loaded my buck in the back of my dads pickup then bled and gutteted the thing it our garage. My mother, a well bred New Englander, was mortified.
exceptionDuane Gran
Nov 28, 2001 5:54 AM
Actually, I eat tofu on a regular basis, but you have to season it. This week I made a vegetarian chili using tofu as a meat substitute and I like it. As for burgers & such, the boca burgers are a great substitute. I know several non-vegetarians who prefer boca burgers over the "real" thing.