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People to party with(4 posts)

People to party withspookyload
Nov 15, 2001 9:24 PM
How many parties, be it buisness or personal parties, have you been to where you sit and realize you not only have nothing in common with any of the people around you, but you actually loath many of them. Imagine the party we could have if we could get the people from this forum to one place to party. No more hiding behind computers. No more sounding big at the keyboard. I think it would be great. We all know we have something in common and plenty to talk about. We prove that here daily. Just something I thought about at a buisness induced reception today.
re: People to party with4bykn
Nov 16, 2001 8:03 AM
You guys are always welcome here. BYO, of course.
yepJs Haiku Shop
Nov 16, 2001 8:32 AM
this is why i am infamous for not going to lunch "with the guys" or beer after. besides, who wants to blow $10+ every day for asian buffet and be at lunch for three hours?

i'm not where i'm not because i don't go to parties, do lunch, play golf...

OTOH, i'd love to get together with a bunch of you guys! just don't expect me to be spouting haiku. i think it's a keyboard-induced maligning of my brain.
many, many, manylonefrontranger
Nov 16, 2001 9:05 AM
Just this week we had a rather lame going-away party for a co-worker who wasn't around very much, and not many of the folks in the office had much in common with (field sales guy).

We all sat around kind of staring at each other, and the "comraderie" was rather forced, I must say.

What I was waiting for was someone to stand up and say "So long, dude, we hardly knew ya, you were kind of a wanker, now can I have your desk?"

Rats, I'm such a coward.