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Who are we?(62 posts)

Who are we?Dog
Nov 14, 2001 1:52 PM
How about an issue poll, just to find out how diverse a group we are? Anyone want to play along?

1. Shimano or Campy?
2. Steel or something else?
3. Race bikes or no race?
4. Meat eater?
5. Bush, Gore, or ??
6. Children?
7. Married?
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe?
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe?
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil?
11.Public spending - good or evil?
12.Government - large or small?
13.The Press - responsible or out of control?
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor?
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not?
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed?
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends?
19.People: generally good, generally bad?
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire?

Sure, it's corny; I'll post my views in a little while.

I'll Bite first...Len J
Nov 14, 2001 2:23 PM
1.) Shimano
2.)1 Carbon, 1 Steel
3.)Do Not race.
4.)Yes I eat Meat
5.)As Richard Pryor would say "None of the Above"
6.)4 Kids 16 girl, 18 boy, 19 boy, 21 Girl
7.)Yes I'm Married second wife.
8.)Rush likes to hear himself, I don't.
9.)Ralph doesn't understand economics & it's effect on freedoms.
10.)Drive what you want, I don't drive gas hogs personally.
11.)Public spending on common good projects I think is good.
12.)Small Gov't.
13.)Yes, both. Some are responsible, some are out of control.
14.)Born Dirt poor, raised in a ghetto, now I am fairly well off.
15.)Not religious but incredibly spiritual.
16.)Yes, some lawyers are vindicating rights & some ar motivated by greed. Bigggest problem I have is that they are a self perpetuating species. You need more lawyers because you might get sued, you might get sued because there are so many atty's. As a small business, it adds a tremendous amount of overhead that I could be using to generate jobs in the community.
17.)Yes, some are saviors, some are hacks.
18.)Nothing is as black & White as most of us would like it.
19.)I think people are generally good, or at least want to be good.
20.)America is a decent place to live, definatly not an evil empire, however don't think that everything that is done in the County's name is good.

I'm curious about some others answers. You know, you gt a picture in your head, I'm sure there will be some surprises.

re: Who are we?mr_spin
Nov 14, 2001 2:26 PM
I have nothing else to do today, so I'll play.

1. Shimano. I like the levers better.
2. Titanium
3. Love following the race scene, but don't actually do it
4. Love meat. Especially Lamb. Yummy.
5. Though Bush was a moron when elected (selected?). I think a lot more highly of him now. I can't see Gore as a wartime leader.
6. Nope
7. Nope
8. I loathe Limbaugh. I wish he would just shutup.
9. 40 years ago he had something important to say about Corvairs. Now, I wish he would just shutup.
10. I hate anything I can't see through or over. Trucks, for instance.
11. Can't really generalize. No one likes waste. But at the right time and place, it is good, often necessary, and sometimes visionary (i.e., interstate highways, bridges, etc.). On the other hand, things like maintaining a helium supply to launch airships in case of war is absurd.
12. Government - large or small? That's not really a meaningful question. By small, you probably mean fewer regulations, restrictions, and laws and regulatory agencies. I am generally against that. Corporations don't often act in the public interest.
13. I'm going to change the question to: The Press - acting for the public good? No. For the most part, they just want to sell papers and get ratings.
14. Middle class
15. Not
16. Ambulance chasers and class action firms are motivated by greed. The rest perform a necessary role, like it or not.
17. Saviors. Insurance companies, on the other hand....
18. There are no absolutes
19. Generally benign
20. Best place on Earth
re: Who are we?harper
Nov 14, 2001 2:30 PM
1. Shimano.
2. Alu but want steel bad.
3. Nope, no racing.
4. Yes to the meat.
5. Gore won.
6. No kids.
7. No wife.
8. Too extreme.
9. See 8.
10. Like the looks but cannot justify the price/cost to drive.
11. Still growing into my political beliefs.
12. See 11.
13. Way out of control.
14. Middle class. Still am.
15. Not at all.
16. Most assuredly vindicating rights.
17. No opinion, have not really had a need for them, yet.
18. Always a shade of grade, either light gray or dark gray.
19. Generally unintelligent, present company excepted.
20. #1!

re: Who are we?bikedodger
Nov 14, 2001 2:55 PM
1. Shimano
2. Steel and Carbon
3. No race
4. Yes, but no beef
5. ??, I actually voted for Nader as a protest (see below).
6. 3, boys 24 and 17, girl 22.
7. Divorced
8. Rush Limbaugh is great to listen to as a comedian!
9. Ralph Nader is nice to have around as a devil's advocate.
10. I see little use for them, but I don't object to others using them as they see fit.
11.Public spending is overdone. I like it when it is spend on what I want, and hate it when it is spend on what others want.
12. Small is the best government.
13. The press in the US seems to be a bunch of sheep, all moving together on the latest non-story.
14. Middle class
15. I am not a fan of organized religion, but consisder myself very religious.
16. There are way too many lawyers in the US, and that causes problems.
17. Doctors would do more healings if they didn't have to spend hugh amounts of time on insurance forms.
18. Everything is a shade of gray. Almost all issues are too complex to be black and white.
19. People are great. We only hear about the bad ones so much because they are rare. (The dog bites man concept)
20. America is the best place to live, but of course it has many areas that can be improved.

Nov 14, 2001 4:49 PM
1. Campy
2. Steel (getting a new Alum this Spring)
3. Raced, Got fat, Back to Racing in 2002
4. MMMMM....Meat
5. Thought I was voting for the lesser of two evils.
Now I'm sure the better man won.
6. Girl 6 Boy 3
7. 16 Wonderful Years
8. He can be extremely funny and entertaining,
biting,and pompous.
9. He should get a new gig.
10.Drive what you want. Supply and demand rule.
12.Government - the smaller the better
13.The Press - most of them are just plain idiots
14.Grew up: working class, put myself through College/Grad
15.Religious: Not
16.Lawyers: I've worked with some of the finest
lawyers in my work. I have had some of the worst
nipping at my heels. They are what they are.
17.Doctors: No Opinion
18.Right and wrong: Depends
19.People: generally good
20.America: best place on Earth. I get chills
reading stories about new citizens reciting the Pledge
and seeing how happy they are.

Hey all this from somebody in the People's Republic of Boulder.
re: Who are we?Allen az
Nov 14, 2001 5:28 PM
1. Campy
2. Carbon
3. Planning to in the future
4. Meat = YUM!
5. Gore
6. No
7. No
8. Who is that??? I'm 17 : )
9. No opinion
10. Evil. They are very pointless/unnecessary. Get a minivan!
11. No opinion
12. Just right
13. No opinion
14. Middle class
15. Not at all
16. Motivated by greed.
17. Greedy hacks (based on experience)
18. I think it depends
19. Generally good
20. probably the best

re: Who are we?12x23
Nov 14, 2001 5:46 PM
1. Shimano
2. Steel, Carbon, Ti
3. Ride "challenge centuries" . . borrowed this term from another poster.
4. Almost never.
5. Bush.
6. Nope. Just started riding an SLR. After your experience, I'm concerned. ;-)
7. Nope. I'm only 46 and don't know what I want to do when I grow up.
8. Use the channel switch (normally off) to measure dosage.
9. Corvair? Why didn't he go after those fun-to-drive trailing throttle oversteer Porsche 911's? Hmmm? Hellllo Mr. Corvair driver . . steer toward the slide with your right foot planted on the throttle and then check out that grin in your rear view mirror. Mr. Nader, concentrate on grocery shopping cart safety.
10. Drive what you want. Personally, I'd rather roller blade with my bike 'yakima-d' on my back than drive a big 'ol SUV. I prefer pocket rockets.
11. Some of both.
12. Small.
13. We've seen both.
14. Lower middle class. Father died early with little insurance and disabled mother, = poor.
15. Consider my self very religious, not to be confused with judgemental or Bible-thumping.
16. See both. Work in industry and see the dark side representing ridiculous clients. On the other hand, see very talented and conscientious pursuing right.
17. See above.
18. Each situation has/may have circumstances. Dislike absolutes . . pisses me off to get a speeding ticket on a four-laned road, in broad daylight, with very little traffic, for driving 48 in a 45.
19. Generally good .. witness the past two months.
20. Beats riding a bike in Kandahar. Seriously, best place on Earth.
re: Who are we?eoind
Nov 14, 2001 5:57 PM
1. Campy
2. Steel
3. Don't race, would think about doing it later when I get a bit more into this sport.
4. Meat eater? Yes
5. I'd vote for ??
6. Children? No
7. Married? No
8. Who is Rush Limbaugh?
9. Who is Ralph Nader?
10. SUV's? I believe you should be allowed to drive what you want, but it's a sign of a 'poor' society that they are as popular as they are.
11.Public spending for common good should always be a priority. The question is how do you define a common good? Someone will always manage to pocket some of the money.
12.Government - large or small? I would tend toward large.
13.The Press? Can't really speak about the US press, as in my short time in thie US, I've only ever bought one paper.
14.Grew up? Working class, aspiring to be middle class.
15.Religious? Somewhat, but my religion by birth has so many aspects that I can't fathom
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? Probably somewhere in the middle, towards being greedy.
17.Doctors? in my experience, they are definitely more saviours than greedy.
18.Right and wrong? It usually depends.
19.People: generally good, generally bad?
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? From a materialistic point of view, it's probably the best place on earth. Ignoring material possessions, I think it's far from the best place to live, (for me anyway), but I'm willing to give it a try.
Village People? I'm the biker!MB1
Nov 14, 2001 6:06 PM
1) Shimano with regret. Raced on Campy for years-doesn't have the gear range to match my riding any more.
2) 55% of my miles on TI, 44% Steel, a bit of AL.
3) Not for a while, never say never.
4) Sure, wear and use leather too.
5) Bush-first time I voted for the winner in years and years. Of course here in DC Gore took something like 85% of the votes so maybe I didn't vote for the winner after all.
6) No.
7) Miss M.
8) Never heard the man.
9) What does he ride?
10) They are getting way too large for the back roads we like to ride on and the drivers seem to think SUVs are sports cars. Got a problem with drivers not the vehicles.
11) I live in DC-get to see your tax dollars at play every day. I'd like to see less of them played with.
12) Smaller is better-see #11.
13) Like the Sports Page & Comics.
14) Top of the heap in Samoa, middle class in Hawaii.
15) Only on steep rainy rocky downhills in traffic.
16) Human beings with perhaps an inflated sense of self worth. But could you do that job without a big ego?
17) See #16.
18) All shades of gray.
19) See #18.
20) Beats the heck out of whatever is in second place.
Who I is...PaulCL
Nov 14, 2001 6:54 PM
1. Campy
2. Ti
3. have raced, not now, will again
4. me need meat
5. Bush
6. three (Molly, Abby and Adam)
7. one (Liz)
8. Rush...a blowhard, over the top
9. Nader..can't stand the idea that he sometimes makes sense. generally, we will disagree
10. SUV drive one daily
11. Public spending.. too much
12. Gov't ...too much (see the "bush" comment above)
13. Press...liberals. Too much. Biased
14. Grew up. Middle/upper class (Dad was a lawyer)
15. Religious. NOT! (don't see "bush" comment above)
16. Lawyers. A necessary evil. Sorry Doug
17. Doctors. I'm married to one. Very dedicated as most are - believe it or not!
18. right and wrong. Always grey
19. Generally good
20. America. Best place on earth. Ever. Period

Now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. Paul
I'll bite toopeloton
Nov 14, 2001 7:37 PM
1) Shimano- easier, cheaper replacements.
2) Steel is real. I like Al too though
3) Race bikes
4) You can eat plants?! :)
5) Voted Gore, Bush is doing okay though
6) No (makes me nervous thinking about it even)
7) Nope
8) His points are often lost in his bias
9) Nader- I'm just hoping for the bronze!
10) Drive what you want. Some of them are silly big though
11) What are we spending on?
12) Small, but we need to put money where it matters. School, public safety, etc.
13) Out of control
14) Middle class
15) solid beliefs
16) Individual matter- some good, some bad. Lawyers who ride Colnagos are inherently evil, though. (I'm jealous...)
17) Some good, some bad. Anyone else want to vomit every time they see a Minkow junk saver saddle, or Adkin's diet propaganda? How many of us would be dead without good doctors though? I would be.
18) depends
19) generally stupid
20) Best place on Earth (and one of the few that would allow you to say otherwise)
re: Who are we?nutmegger
Nov 14, 2001 7:43 PM
1. Shimano
2. Aluminum
3. No Race, yet
4. Carnivore
5. Bush
6. 5 children, all boys
7. Yes, don't want a divorce and couldn't afford it anyway.
8. Mostly agree but not always
9. Nader-generally loathe but admire his tenacity
10. Drive what you want
11. Public spending- some good, some wasteful
12. Small
13. Out of control
14. Poor
15. Somewhat religious
16. I've seen both
17. I've seen both
18. The important stuff is black and white
19. Generally good
20. Best place on earth
re: Who are we?spookyload
Nov 14, 2001 8:49 PM
1. Shimano or Campy? Shimano
2. Steel or something else? 1 AL + 1 carbon beauty
3. Race bikes or no race? race mountain, road is training
4. Meat eater? yes, just ask my wife
5. Bush or Gore? Bush and his dad too
6. Children? daughter 5 and step son 16
7. Married? happily, see #4 for reason why
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? didn't even know he was till on the air...LOL
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? Hippie/Yippie martyr
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? life is too short to sweat the silly stuff like that
11.Public spending - good or evil? good
12.Government - large, Americans have no self control
13.The Press - glory seekers, and ambulance chasers
14.Grew up: middle class
15.Religious: not
16.Lawyers: capitalists and very good at it
17.Doctors: go to a 3rd world country and see a real quack
18.Right and wrong: black and white
19.People: generally good
20.America: If you don't want to cheer for the home team...leave the stadium please
Thank you.Sintesi
Nov 15, 2001 8:20 AM
I was getting sick of scrolling back and forth.
Nov 14, 2001 9:18 PM
1. Shimano but I'm not loyal
2. Al, but next bike st or ti
3. No, only race in my dreams
4. Hamburger is as close as I get to red meat
5. Gore, but Bush is doing a good job
6. 2 grown sons, teenage daughter
7. 35 years and going strong
8. Made a lot of money bashing Clinton
9. Remember Ford Pinto's?
10. I drive a truck, the bigger the better
11. On a whole good
12. small, large screws thing up
13. Largely responsible...freedom of the press
14. Upper middle class
15. Religious
16. Sooner or later we all need one
17. My dad was a doctor
18. Black and white but there are a lot of grey areas
19. Generally good, but on a whole lack common sense
20. Best place on the planet
Who me be4bykn
Nov 15, 2001 12:07 AM
1. Shimano or Campy?
2. Steel or something else?
titanium (cheap chi, according to some)
3. Race bikes or no race?
No race, takes too much work and I ride for fun
4. Meat eater?
I'll have a big juicy steak, medium rare please.
5. Bush, Gore, or ??
Geez, do I have to pick one?
6. Children?
two daughters, 8 and almost 17
7. Married?
for 21+ years
8. Rush Limbaugh
not even entertaining
9. Ralph Nader
his heart is in the right place, but annoying
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil?
I drive a full-size truck, I justify it by only logging about 7000 miles a year
11.Public spending - good or evil?
generally good, but I spend some privately
12.Government - large or small?
13.The Press - responsible or out of control?
See #9
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor?
Middle class......and still the same
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not?
religious>yes, christian>no
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed?
Both, a necessary evil (sorry Dog et al.)
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?
There are plenty of both out there.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends?
Very gray. Like my beard.
19.People: generally good, generally bad?
I can't generalize this one.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire?
Define "best place". I love it here, but apparently not everyone does.
re: Who are we?ACE-
Nov 15, 2001 12:52 AM
1. Only used S
2. Only used Al
3. No race
4. Of course
5. President Bush (Thank God, Gore isn't prez now).
6. One
7. Yes
8. Don't agree 100%- But mostly
9. Mostly disagree
10. Love mine
11. Some of both (way too much evil)
12. Small, PLEASE!
13. Out of Control (mostly).
14. Poor,definitely
15. Don't use the term, But most would say "very"
16. Mostly greed
17. Some of each
18. Most things black and white
19. We're all born weeds
20. Not much world travel, but none are better, perhaps a very few are pretty much equal?
re: Who are we?PsyDoc
Nov 15, 2001 5:31 AM
1. Shimano
2. Titanium
3. No race
4. Yes...the rarer the better. I eat prime rib so rare that it tends to draw attention and gross my wife out.
5. Bush
6. 1 child on the way
7. Married
8. Rush who?
9. Used to like Nader, now I am not so sure
10. SUV's are E-V-I-L, unless the SUV is used for work-related tasks.
11. Public spending is good
12. Government - large or small: Each has pros and cons
13. The Press is WAY OUT OF CONTROL!
14. I grew up poor-to-middle class
15. Not religious
16. Lawyers' motivations depend on the lawyer
17. Doctors' movitations depend on the doctor
18. I like to think that right and wrong is black and white, but it often depends on the situation
19. People are generally good
20. America is one of the best places on Earth
I PROTEST!scottfree
Nov 15, 2001 5:41 AM
Since I'm excluded from the very first question! This discrimination against Suntour has to stop!

Hmmm. Maybe I'll start a Campy/Shimano vs. Suntour flame war.

I DO seriously wonder if anyone else on this relentlessly modernist board runs Suntour, or if I'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness.
You are a lone voice crying in the wilderness. nmLen J
Nov 15, 2001 5:50 AM
Well shoot. I could use some domestiques too. nmscottfree
Nov 15, 2001 7:09 AM
Suntour XCM on touring bike (nm)Rusty McNasty
Nov 15, 2001 8:22 AM
Here comes the Suntour King...(everybody's laughing)Me Dot Org
Nov 15, 2001 3:41 PM
I've got Suntour on my 83 Fuji, I notice no one has complained about the absence of Mavic...
uh-oh. oh, and--clarify #18, please.Js Haiku Shop
Nov 15, 2001 6:25 AM
1. Shimano or Campy?

YEP--Shimano so far, but I'm still learning, and experimentation is part of the fun. I liketo tinker, though, and the tool (and other) expenses are disconcerting.

2. Steel or something else?

YEP--Something else so far (AL), but I'm taking the steel plunge, as you may know. Weight isn't that big a, this one may actually come in under the AL bikes' weights.

3. Race bikes or no race?

So far, no race, unless you consider squirrely club rides with a frisky stronger bunch. Next year (2002) I was/am considering a 12-hour and 24-hour TT (MV24 and Longview, TX), but money, again, is a consideration. Did my first DU this year, wouldn't consider that a competitive race against others. Next year it will be a competitive event against my own 2001 time.

4. Meat eater?

YEP. It's easy to turn a blind eye. It's a shortcoming (of mine).

5. Bush, Gore, or ??

YEP. It's all BS anyhow. (Not flame bait.)

6. Children?

19 m/o boy, THE love of my life.

7. Married?

5 years, dating her 10. THE ultimate endurance test. Worth it.

8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe?

Loathe. Not for his politic, though. For his mouth. And, for the fact that he's who he is for talking like he does. Not what he says, how he says it.

9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe?


10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil?

Evil, but wife drives one. Still evil. SUV=Gas Pit. Having a kid, though, it's nice to have room to carry his arsenal on road trips. Same might be achieved with a minivan or wagon, but aren't they nearly as evil? I drive a Civic.

11.Public spending - good or evil?

Who? I like candy!

12.Government - large or small?

Small, but it's all BS anyhow. (See above no-flame disclaimer.)

13.The Press - responsible or out of control?

Out of control. All over the world. Have been for years.

14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor?

Upper middle class, highly educated, with a poor mentality.

15.Religious: very, somewhat, not?

Very not.

16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed?

I like to watch "Ed" on Wednesday night prime time.

17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?

Saviors, mostly. Then again, limited experience. My GP (as has been with the last few) makes me wait for hours to see him, then spends less than 10 minutes with me. I have to see him every 6 months. Tedious. The one that delivered my son was efficient, scholarly, and interested in the technical details...and so was I...and she shared! Like the general population, it varies, I suppose.

18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends?

Not sure about this question. (Huh?)

19.People: generally good, generally bad?

Generally bad. Actually, generally stupid. Rest (1) don't care, (2) are evil, and (3) few are ok.

20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire?

Yep, depends on your shoes.
no surprises hereDog
Nov 15, 2001 6:42 AM
1. Shimano or Campy? both, but prefer Campy
2. Steel or something else? prefer carbon, but have al and steel, too
3. Race bikes or no race? race, but focused on ultras
4. Meat eater? eat everything and anything
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? Bush
6. Children? one cookin'
7. Married? yes
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? 99% agree
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? naive and idealistic, good, unselfish intentions, though
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? drive whatever you can pay for
11.Public spending - good or evil? should be minimized
12.Government - large or small? small
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? they say there are too many lawyers? how about journalists?
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? middle - Dad was a high school and small college football coach, Mom stayed home
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? strong beliefs
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? actually both - not mutually exclusive
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? mostly good, but tainted by greed
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? black and white
19.People: generally good, generally bad? generally good
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? best
there's onemr_spin
Nov 15, 2001 8:16 AM
#18: black and white? That's a surprising response for a lawyer, especially given some of the distinctly "not right or wrong" posts you've done here.

Maybe the question was too vague, as Js Haiku Shop pointed out.
The old jokePeetey
Nov 15, 2001 8:28 AM
During a meeting a scientist, and statistician, and a lawyer were all asked the same question. "How much is two plus two?"

The scientist responds: "Two plus two equals four."

The statistician responds: "Approximately two plus approximately two equals approximately four."

The lawyer when asked, gets out of his chair closes the door, and responds "Well, what would you like it to be?"
re: Who are we?Rusty McNasty
Nov 15, 2001 8:13 AM
1) both (but like Campagnolo more)
2) Steel and aluminum both. Can't justify cost of CF and TI, or the brittleness of CF
3) No racing in many years. Too many reckless newbies here.
4) Omnivorous
5) Gore (but once vote for Al Lewis)
6) Hell no!
7) Domestic Partnership
8) Neither, I completely ignore him.
9) Ralph is a moron
10)Pointless poseurism, unless you really need and/or use it.
11)What a vague and loaded question. No answer.
14)Middle class
15)Confirmed agnostic and anti-parochial. Religion is the opiate of the people
16)Greediest people on the planet
17)Generally noble, but forget the HMO's!
18)Entire spectrum of 'shades of grey'
19)People annoy me
20)Oh beautiful, for spacious skies,
for amber waves of grain!
For purple mountain's magesty
above the fruited plain!
re: Who are we?lonefrontranger
Nov 15, 2001 9:05 AM
1. Shimano or Campy? > Campy finally after years of poverty
2. Steel or something else? > 4 Al bikes, a C-40 is in the plans
3. Race bikes or no race? > Raced for a decade, no plans to quit
4. Meat eater? > yes
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? > they both scare the hell out of me
6. Children? > no, and no plans for 'em.
7. Married? > no plans for that either
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? > he makes me laugh
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? > he's obsessive to the point of yawndom
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? > OK and cool for specific use, the pretentious "urban-chic" ones are amusing
11.Public spending - good or evil? > good, within reason
12.Government - large or small? > Americans have proven repeatedly that they have no common sense, so large I guess...
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? > are you kidding? They're a pack of rabid dogs.
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? > poor as dirt
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? > still recovering from Catholic grammar school
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? > um, Doug, is that a loaded question? I've found lawyers to be useful on the whole. There are greed mongers out there too.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? > Most are motivated by the right urges, some enjoy playing God, a select few are frighteningly self-absorbed.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? > depends
19.People: generally good, generally bad? > generally clueless
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? > it's where I'm at
re: Who are we?Spinchick
Nov 15, 2001 9:29 AM
1. Campy
2. Steel, aluminum
3. Not yet, maybe next year
4. No red meat
5. Neither
6. One 3 1/2 yo daughter and one on the way
7. Yep, to a cool guy
8. Loathe Rush but he does make me laugh at his outrageousnous
9. Ahh Ralph, growing more disenchanted as the years go by
10.Like my pick-up truck better
11.Public spending - necessary so far
12.small would be ideal but probably won't happen
13.The Press: Hah! Worse than lawyers (kidding!)No, really parasites (the press, not lawyers!)
14. middle class
15. not religious but spiritual
16. Lawyers: no good or bad, some of both, just like anyone else.
17. See #16
18. Depends
19. People: generally good
20. America: somewhere in between - closer to best than evil
re: Who are we?Jon
Nov 15, 2001 11:10 AM
Geez Doug,

You should be a high school social science teacher. But the snapshots provided here are
interesting. Well, here goes:
2.Carbon fibre
3.Just starting to race. Unfortunately, I have NO talent.
4.No preference. Although I take serious exceptions to some of Bush's policies, I've gained a lot
of respect for him since Sept. 11.
5.1 daughter, 31 yrs. old;2 sons, 17 and 19.
6.Married 35 years to the Rock of Gibraltar.
7.Drive what you like. We do still live in free countries!
8.Can you spell D-E-M-A-G-O-G-U-E.
9.Antiquated? Superannuated?
10.Who cares?
11.Neither. What is appropriate evolves through a process of ongoing, but changing concensus.
12.Large government countervails large corporations, other large, organized interests and
administers to the needs of very large populations. Small government, a favorite nostrum
of American mythology, has not existed in America since prior to WWI.
13.Narcissistic and often irresponsible. Probably America's most self-serving institution, which
cloaks itself in Biblical/Constitutional sanctions.
14.Grew up well-off, but severely disciplined.
15.Not. Spiritual though.
18.Right and wrong are largely situational. Communities continually revise these definitions,
with a few exceptions such as some forms of murder, incest, etc.
19.Humans have great capacity for both good and evil. Witness Sept. 11.
20. America is surely one of the best places on earth. But certainly not the only great
place to live.
re: Who are we?Me Dot Org
Nov 15, 2001 4:00 PM
1. Campy, but I'm not a fanatic. I have an old fuji with Suntour.
2. Columbus foco with Carve Carbon stays
3. Just a cruiser/charity rider
4. Mostly Chicken - very little red meat
5. Gore
6. Children? No
7. Married? No
8. Rush Limbaugh - Pompous, not nearly as well informed as he thinks he is.
9. Ralph Nader - Pompous, but better informed than Limbaugh. He was wrong about the Corvair. Killed a good little car.
10.SUV's - Am I the only person who remembers the gas lines of 73? Why should SUVs get special dispensation to pollute more? Somehow this nation made it to the 1980s without this fad - I hope people will come to their senses.
11.Public spending - Unless you're a libertarian, it's all a matter of degree and appropriateness. I don't want a private police force. I don't want government grocery stores. Somewhere in between.
12.Government - Like Goldilocks - just right.
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? Can I say both?
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? MCWB (Middle Class White Boy)
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? somewhat
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? Again, it depends on the lawyer. I would say that we live in an over-litigous society.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? Again, you'll find both.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? How this: sometimes its black and white, sometimes it depends...
19.People: generally good, generally bad? In my experiece, people are GENERALLY good.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? More A than B, but can I vote C? Tremendous personal freedom, obsession with materialism, a lot of greedy people, a lot of good people. Mark Twain, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington...but Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, and Jaqueline Suzanne. Best Cheeseburgers and Rock 'n Roll on the planet.
Congrats, you're the winner...Starliner
Nov 15, 2001 5:40 PM
A tip of the glass to ya. BTW, I own a nice '66 Corvair Corsa turbo and yes, it could be seen as a good car. It was a car without a market - too sporty compared to the rest of the compact cars of the time (Falcon, Valiant, Comet, Dart, American), but not powerful enough to compete head-to-head with the Mustang. Chevy should have developed it as an American Porsche instead of an American VW. But they had the Corvette, they had the Chevy II (Nova) to battle the Falcon, and they needed to develop the Camaro to go head to head with the Mustang. So after 1966, Chevy let the Corvair die out, which it did before the end of the decade.
Corsa I amMe Dot Org
Nov 15, 2001 6:00 PM
Nader's problems with the Corvair was basically that it oversteered, which was something that virually no American cars did at the time. Nader evidently never drove a Porsche from the 50's. His book "Unsafe At Any Speed" showed the Covair swing axles at a severe angle that would have been impossible to obtain.

Nader IS responsible for pushing the auto industry to certain safety standards, for which I am glad. But the Corvair was never really any more dangerous than European cars of its day, and by the time it was killed, was really quite a decent car. 180 horsepower on the turbo, right?
Congrats, you're the winner...DINOSAUR
Nov 15, 2001 7:30 PM
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. If I remember the failure of the Covairs were the magnesium engine blocks that took forever and a day to extinguish if the vehicles caught on fire. The early VW station wagons were the same way, sometimes it took a couple of hours to cool the damn things off. Can't remember the VW's getting bashed.

Sort of like my old '66 Plymouth Satellite with the 361 Commando Engine. Few people know that the 361 was the first big block mopar and the engine that started it all. Grandfather to the 383 400 and 440. The Satellite was also the first production car that came equipped with the hemi engine.

And then there was the Tucker....
Congrats, you're the winner...Me Dot Org
Nov 15, 2001 9:31 PM
I believe the Corvair engine blocks were aluminum.

I had a '68 Plymouth Satellite with a 318 - I believe it was the same block as the 440, had to be one of the most understressed engines ever made.

Back in the 60's, I really wanted a Hemi. They were the best American engines.
Congrats, you're the winner...DINOSAUR
Nov 15, 2001 10:38 PM
I guess we are both wrong....hmmmm what engine was it that was made of magnesium?

The 318 was a small block the 440 was a big block. The 318 wasn't a bad engine until they smogged the heck out of it, then it was a gutless wonder.

The Hemi's were more less a racing engine, they stopped putting them in production cars because people were stacking their cars up left and right and they insurance companies didn't want anything to do with them.

Chrysler is coming out with another Hemi engine...

An old mopar with a orginal Hemi is worth a fortune, the converts go for 70K...
You're a winner, too, Dino...Starliner
Nov 15, 2001 11:36 PM
VW, Dino... their blocks had magnesium I think. I haven't heard of fire being a problem with Corvair engines (the later Pontiac Fiero had this problem). The main Corvair problems I know about are pretty solvable. The engine belt is long and travels a tortured path making it susceptible to break. Keep a spare with the car like you keep a spare tube or tire with you on a ride. Additionally, OEM O-seals in the valve train were real weak and wore out, resulting in oil leakage.

The rear suspension Nader made famous was given a fix in 1964, and then totally redesigned for 1965. Chevy changed to a Corvette-like setup, except that the Corvair used coils at each wheel whereas Corvettes utilized a transverse leaf spring (then and for many years after).

My turbo is indeed 180 hp. The first turbos in the early 60's were 150 hp. Turbo Corvairs are known for a lag especially felt at lower RPM's. But when the turbo comes online, a 110 hp engine suddenly gains 70 hp, on up to 180 hp, giving the car a real kick in the rear. It suddenly jumps and goes fast. Kind of how I want to ride my bike.

Dino's Satellite sounds nice. 1966 was a year when Plymouth dumped the Fury and settled upon the Satellite to carry the Plymouth banner in Nascar/USAC stock car racing.
The '66 has a clean, lean, right-angled design which looks good today. At the time, however, auto styling had taken turn toward more fluid design, and Plymouth soon followed the trend with rounder, curvier designs.

The hemi was actually intro-ed around 1951 and then dumped in 1958 in favor of some big wedgies like what you have, Dino. A few years after, Chevy brought out the 409 and then 427, Ford countered with the 406 and then 427. The Mopar performance-oriented answer was to reintroduce the hemi as a 426 ci put into Dodges and Plymouths. The performance race was on, lasting until the beginning of the next decade.

I should stop now before I write a book. See ya
glad to see another old car nutgtx
Nov 16, 2001 8:56 AM
my dad drove a Corvair for a while back in the day. Said it was the best snow car he ever drove. I'm a Mopar guy like Dino--been lusting after his Satellite in fact. I've had two old Mopar verts in the past--a '63 Valiant and a '70 Fury with the 383. Even though I am a Mopar guy, I've been tempted by Corvairs a few times, simply because the asking prices are usually so low (even on the convertibles). Seems like the anti-Corvair bias is still alive and well. Then you see what people ask for a Falcon these days and it makes me laugh.
Question/Point of Ordermuncher
Nov 16, 2001 8:55 AM
Do you mean by "hemi" - hemispherical combustion chambers? If so, bad news - the Riley was the first car with these. It also had an interesting devide whereby one could lean out the mixture from the dash to optimise running - and was equpiped with an interior altimeter as an aid to calculation of said mixture - a spendid idea still used by the boys at Cessna today...

I really must get out more.
Nov 16, 2001 12:19 PM
Yes, hemi refers to shape of combustion chambers. I meant to say that Chrysler Corporation first introduced their hemi V8 engines in 1951 (rather than in the 60's) - not that they had the first-ever hemi-head engines. Stateside auto technology often lagged behind Europe in the pre-oil embargo period. Usage of such mundane things as radial tires and disk brakes caught on later in America than abroad. However, our cars led the way in some areas such as climate control systems and automatic transmissions.

After the gas crunch in 1973, the American auto industry was forced to scramble around for many years to catch up to the Europeans and Japanese in efficiency and build quality.
That's certainly truemuncher
Nov 20, 2001 7:06 AM
The UK car market still generally regards climbate control as a "luxury", and automatic transmission is still generally a cost option on most cars. Most amusingly, makers seem to think that a sunroof is a perk - in the UK, for goodness' sake....
Nov 15, 2001 5:31 PM
Interesting to see the non-scientific cross section of who is here. Of course, it's likely skewed, as those who hate my guts probably don't even read my posts.

This is sort of like picking a jury. We get a questionnaire, and then ask a bunch of questions, trying to evaluate what attitudes people might have. Of course, if you ask people outright, "Are you biased?", they'll always say "no." You sort of have to put it together from other information.

Very interesting, though. I expected there to be much more of a liberal slant to the people here. I would expect that from some of the positions taken in the heated arguments that occur. Any thoughts?

Nov 15, 2001 7:15 PM
The best way to avoid jury duty is to answer the question the wrong way. It would be interesting to do this thing over and have people say what they really think...for what it's worth too many questions and people will say anything just to go against the grain. I can't see the point about Rush Limbaugh and Ralph Nader, but no one forced us to respond. Perhaps you should include 21. Are people like a pack of sheep? Baaaa
Nov 15, 2001 9:01 PM
The questions you selected (and your expectations) probably show more about you than anything, Doug (and I don't mean that as a criticism). What is so liberal about the positions people take in arguments about Litespeeds, etc.? When I got into cycling in the early 80s it was more of a bastion for weirdoes and outcasts, not necessarily liberals, though. These days, most roadies I encounter have a pretty generic jock attitude. Don't know about their politics. Probably just as likely to vote Republican as anyone else, though, especially when you consider the fact that cycling isn't exactly a cheap sport, and that most people vote with their pocketbooks. Regarding the heated arguments, it's a internet bulletin board. I don't see that it has anything to do with politics per se.

I like the idea of a questionnaire, but I would have probably asked things like how many hours a week do you ride, how many hours of week do you watch TV, do you like your job, do you ride a mountain bike, that sort of thing. Your questionaire seemed constructed to put people into camps, not show trends. Which is why I didn't respond.

Your're a winner too...Starliner
Nov 15, 2001 10:30 PM
Whoah, I thought you were going to start off on an anti-Dog smear post but you followed through with some real thoughtful ideas.

I would have asked some other questions like.... do you believe in UFO's?...... is there life after death?.... Who's going to win the next Super Bowl?...... Do you ever play the lottery?..... ...
Your're a winner too...DINOSAUR
Nov 15, 2001 10:48 PM
1. Do you believe in UFO"s? Undecided, I'd like to think
That there is other life out there.

2. Is there life after death? I certainly hope so.

3. Who is going to win the next Super Bowl? The Oakland

4. Do you ever play the lottery? Yes.
Nov 15, 2001 11:10 PM
An observationnova
Nov 16, 2001 8:50 AM
Interesting thread. What follows is an observation only, not a criticism or flame-bait.

My impression is that you were expecting the liberal slant due to reliance upon incomplete information. (Keeping in mind that this is far from scientific.)

Someone, let's take myself, could tell you that the Ford F-350 pickup truck is classified as a non-passenger vehicle and as a result is subject to a different set of regulations, taxes, and emissions constraints than that of a passanger vehicle. However, Ford Inc. extends the sheetmetal over the truck bed, bolts a seat into the back, and installs some cup holders. Now the same F-350 is magically catagorized as a "passanger vehicle" (Expedition) and is no longer subject to stricter tax, safety, or emissions controls. Then I ask: "why?"

In saying that, you might conclude that I'm "liberal", but to do so would be erroneous. "Conservative" does not necessarily mean "Responsible", and "Liberal" does not necessarily mean "Clueless".

Neither side has a monopoly on intelligence, and to blindly support political dogma on all issues simply because you agree with only certain aspects of the dogma (on the death sentance, for instance) is a mistake. A decent education provides the ability to think for one's self. The capacity for independent, critical thought is where progress comes from.

With out it, you become a Ditto Head. Rush Limbaugh, anyone? And nothing could be worse than that! (Well, maybe that last part was flame-bait. Sorry.)
I agreeDog
Nov 16, 2001 9:36 AM
Believe it or not, I'm not a "dittohead". Coincidentally, I agree with Rush on a number of issues, perhaps because we were raised in the same small town in the midwest, went to the same church, etc. There is one issue that I fervently disagree with him on, tobacco. I think it's evil. You know his position. But, I'm essentially a libertarian -- the gut wrenching dilemma of being a libertarian is tolerating things you don't like, but other people do. It's rough sometimes.

Certainly I don't think either "side" has a monopoly on intelligence. There are different basic ideologies, though.

I think a Ditto Head is someone who blindly follows Rush's way of thinking. I think it's an unfortunate term. Most "Ditto Head's" likely believed what they do long before Rush was popular.

Distinctions don't always make sense. Maybe they seldom do. Why are alcohol and tobacco legal, but not marijuana? Not advocating legalizing it, but the distiction doesn't make sense. Lots of things like that. I suppose we just try to pick them off one by one.

re: Who are we?Jekyll
Nov 15, 2001 8:23 PM

1. Shimano or Campy? Shimano now, Campy previously - nice stuff either way.
2. Steel or something else? Al, 3 of them - probably Ti next
3. Race bikes or no race? Yes, rarely, badly...
4. Meat eater? Knock off the horns and wipe its ass and toss it on a plate
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? Brown - But rather glad the human tree is busy growing a goatee
6. Children? Only if you consider tails and four paws, then 2, woof
7. Married? No, thank you.
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? Only when he's being rear ended while driving a Pinto by Nader's Corvair.
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? See #8
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? Fun to use as slalom poles on the high way. Its your money if you have no taste, spirit, or flair drive one.
11.Public spending - good or evil? Taxation is slavery
12.Government - large or small? See #11
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? Waaaaaaaaaaaaay Tooooooooo Faaaaaaaar Leeeeeeeft - Want to learn nothing about everything? Get a journalism degree.
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? Middle Class - working my way up.
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? What, is man merely a mistake of god's or god merely a mistake of man's?
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? The ones that work for me are great - the ones that work against me are to the devil incarnate..
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? Still working on that one... Ask me after my next wreck.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? Black and white, until people get involved then kind of a muddled poop brown (much too nice to be called "gray")
19.People: generally good, generally bad? Bad, just like me.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? Having been born and raised in the former Soviet Union (escaped in '79), the USA, even with all of its quirks, quacks and Democrats, is absolutely, positively, the greatest place on the face of this ugly little dust ball!

The Political Demographics of the BoardJon
Nov 15, 2001 9:24 PM
I don't believe that the great majority of people are motivated by strongly ideological
biases. The old definitions of left and right that media, politicians, and others try to
plug people into are really far too constraining. Most of us, if you survey the answers
here, are highly pragmatic in our orientations. Which could partially explain the closeness
of the vote in the last American election. Here in Canada the Liberal party has known this
for years about the populace and consequently has been very successful in being all
things to all people. To my own disgust they are so good at it that they are virtually Canada's
perpetual ruling party.
re: Who are we?MJ
Nov 16, 2001 3:40 AM
very American biased questions Dog - but here goes

1. Shimano or Campy?
Campy but am open minded and still have suwheat Suntour on my MBO

2. Steel or something else?

3. Race bikes or no race?
have raced - will race again - but have too many other things going on to make the commitment - cycling is a way of life not just a sport

4. Meat eater?

5. Bush, Gore, or ??
?? really, but certainly not Bush

6. Children?
not yet

7. Married?

8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe?
I agree he's an idiot - but it's been a long time since I've had the man inflicted upon me. I guess he lost his hearing cause he never listened to anybody else...

9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe?
ideas are good - 3rd party platforms always have their agenda co-opted by the main parties (just wait)

10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil?
don't have a car - haven't for almost 8 years - SUV's not needed in urban centres; drive what you want - but I wish they would raise taxes on luxury possessions (like SUV's) and generally tax drivers/fuel more - it's a privilege not a right (not very practical and a regressive tax though it may be)

11.Public spending - good or evil?
it depends what the public gets for it

12.Government - large or small?
effective government is judged on results not size

13.The Press - responsible or out of control?
lowest common denominator - a reflection of society with prurient interests aimed at sales - little meaningful dialogue - very entertaining however

14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor?

15.Religious: very, somewhat, not?

16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed?

17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?
depends where you are - here in UK they're not in it for the money

18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends?
there is no black and white; it's naive to think there is - the more you learn the less you know - having said that I tend to deal with problems in a very black and white manner thank you very much Mr Kant

19.People: generally good, generally bad?

20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire?
never as good as I'd hoped for or as bad as I'd feared - not as far left as you might think from discussions here - but not a sheep to the slaughter either
re: Who are we?tarwheel
Nov 16, 2001 6:04 AM
1. Shimano or Campy? Both, put prefer Campy.
2 . Steel or something else? Steel
3. Race bikes or no race? Race? Me? Hah, what a joke!
4. Meat eater? Omnivorous. Tried vegetarian diet for a while in college but it didn't suit me.
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? Gore, but Bush doing better than I expected.
6. Children? 1 daughter, 12
7. Married? Yes, 17 years
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? I try to ignore him because he's just preaching to the
choir. He is obviously clever and a good communicator by totally biased. Is it really
possible that the Democrats/liberals have NEVER done anything right?
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? Has outlasted his usefullness.
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? Drive what you want, but it's totally ridiculous the
the number of people driving these gashogs. Makes me almost wish gas prices
go up to $2/gallon.
11.Public spending - good or evil? Let me see, where would we be without the military,
police, firemen, teachers, the EPA, etc? It's all a matter of balance, but if we cut gov't
the way the extreme Right would have it, this country would go down the tubes in a
short while and everyone would be screaming for more government.
12.Government - large or small? See answer above
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? Well, I was a newspaper reporter for 10
years, and now work in public affairs. Both answers are true, it just depends on the
circumstances, just like everything else.
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? Middle class, but 7th out of 8 kids.
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? Agnostic. Raised in Catholic schools. OD'd on religion.
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? See #13. I've known some fantastic
lawyers and real jerks. Like anything else, can be both.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? Generally have my utmost respect, but they're only
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? Huh? Black and white exist, but most things
are shades of gray.
19 People: generally good, generally bad? Generally good, particularly in their own eyes.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? The best, but there's always room for improvement.
Nov 16, 2001 7:28 AM
1. Shimano - the rest of your are idiots
2. Who cares - I'll beat you all on anything.
3. Too easy
4. 3 times a day
5. Gore - the only man who makes any sense in the who country aside from me.
6. Only for supper (apart from my own).
7. For now.
8. I loath everyone but me.
9. as 8.
10. I drive what I want - you are evil.
11. Why sould I pay for them when I am better?
12. I don't need it.
13. Out of controll - they don't know half what I do.
14. richer than anyone in experiences.
15. I am Gods advisor.
16. Greed - all of them.
17. Greedy hacks all of them.
18. Black - wrong.
19. Bad and useless
20. Best just on earth - what about the rest of the universe?
Me? just confused mostly.Kristin
Nov 16, 2001 7:56 AM
1. Camp Campy (does Veloce count?)
2. Steel for now
3. Racing? Does one race against a motor scooter count?
4. Meat: Steak on the grill is great.
5. Hmmm... Republican platform. Didn't care for either candidate but Bush is okay.
6. Um nope
7. Nada
8. Rush Limbaugh - don't know him
9. Ralph Nader - well, the benefit package looks great on paper!
10.SUV's: I just wish I could see around them better
11.I have many opinions, all uneducated and unsupported, so I'll spare you
12.See #12
13.See #12
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? All of the above!
15.Religious? I highly value God's thoughts and opinions; but I hate rules--you decide.
16.See #12
17.Doctors: See #12 INSURANCE COMPANIES: Greedy hacks, all of them!
18.Right and wrong: Shades of grey. Hindsight is 20/20!
19.People can choose what to be. Good, bad or a combination thereof.
20.See #12
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?nova
Nov 16, 2001 9:28 AM

His bout with cancer helped to shape my current opinions on the topic.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?nova
Nov 16, 2001 9:36 AM

His bout with cancer helped to shape my current opinions on the topic.
Oh heck, I'm game.Rod
Nov 16, 2001 2:05 PM
1. Shimano or Campy? Campy Ergo, Suntour on my old dt bike.
2. Steel or something else? 4 Steel.
3. Race bikes or no race? Never.
4. Meat eater? Omnivore.
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? Gore, but appreciate that Bush has good handlers.
6. Children? daughters, age 22 and 25.
7. Married? 31 years.
8. Rush Limbaugh - Loathe the pompous ass. Am puzzled that any thinking person would listen to him. Perhaps just mindless entertainment?
9. Ralph Nader, in small doses, is good for America, but he was wrong about the Corvair.
10.SUV's Lexus SUV - an oxymoron. My uninhibited desire was a 3/4 ton Ford diesel truck. My practical and environmental values steered me toward a Subaru Outback.
11.Public spending - Favor national defense, roads, libraries, education, parks, fish & wildlife, etc. Maybe the most affluent nation in the world should also have public heath?
12.Government - large enough to effectively serve the common good.
13.The Press - A business trying to make a profit. Just because I read it doesn't make it true.
14.Grew up: somewhere between poor and the bottom rung of middle class.
15.Religious: Somewhat, contemplating converting to paganism to distance myself from the wacko religious right.
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? Both.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? Neither, in most cases; either, in a few.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? Life is mostly various shades of grey; there is no white; unfortunately there is some black.
19.People: generally good, generally bad? Generally striving to be slightly better.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? As good as any; better than most.
Ok, my answers...Warren128
Nov 16, 2001 3:37 PM
1. Shimano or Campy? I've got 2 bikes, 1 Campy, 1 Shimano
2. Steel or something else? Steel is Real
3. Race bikes or no race? No
4. Meat eater? Yes
5. Bush, Gore, or ?? Bush
6. Children? None
7. Married? Yes, 18 years
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe? loathe
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe? loathe
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil? druve what you want, but I don't like em.
11.Public spending - good or evil? no comment
12.Government - large or small? small
13.The Press - responsible or out of control? out of control
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor? poor
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not? somewhat
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed? there are both kinds out there.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks? there are both kinds.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends? b&w
19.People: generally good, generally bad? generally good
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire? The BEST
re: Who are we?velogirl
Nov 16, 2001 5:21 PM
1. Shimano or Campy?___Shimano
2. Steel or something else?___Aluminum and steel.
3. Race bikes or no race?___I hope to in college next year
4. Meat eater?___Lacto-veg
5. Bush, Gore, or ??___I'll be 18 next summer. I would have voted for Nader
6. Children?___Nope
7. Married?___In my mind to Jodi Foster
8. Rush Limbaugh - agree/loathe?___74 years ago he would have been a speechwriter for Joseph Goebbels
9. Ralph Nader - agree/loathe?___He presents important environmental and corporate issues that need to be discussed.
10.SUV's - drive what you want or evil?___We need to get away from fossil fuels.
11.Public spending - good or evil?___Like most other caring countries we need Health Coverage for ALL
12.Government - large or small?___In a perfect world it would be large enough to accomplish the goals the electorate decide are important. Democracies are messy and constantly in flux.
13.The Press - responsible or out of control?___The excellent, the good, the bad, the pathetic.
14.Grew up: well off, middle class, poor?___My parents have taught me this is a rude question.
15.Religious: very, somewhat, not?___Spiritual
16.Lawyers: vindicating rights or motivated by greed?___The good, the bad, the pathetic.
17.Doctors: saviors or greedy hacks?___My moms a Doctor and a wonderful one. People wrongly think doctors have all the answers.
18.Right and wrong: black and white, or depends?___Black and white makes for a colorless world.
19.People: generally good, generally bad?___People can be both but have the capacity to be always be better.
20.America: best place on Earth, evil empire?___At times evil and at times good. No better than a lot of other countries.