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aside from selling my body (parts), how can i...(15 posts)

aside from selling my body (parts), how can i...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 8, 2001 1:50 PM
make some scratch on the side? i'm getting consumed over here with new bike lust. have two nice enough rides, but am realizing with time on the bike and long distance rides that i'm beating myself up on entry-level aluminum. this merckx steel frame has me by the cajones (sorry for the illicit image). it's not that i don't have the money, it's that the wife is in charge of it (by design), and i ain't gettin' none...of the money.

but...extracurricular income is considered play money. few years back i was working for a major professional services firm. successfully referred two new hires and made $1500 each as referral fees. my current employer pays $50, and you have to fight for it, and they don't hire "professionals" often.

skills? besides years of restaurant work, i do a little web thing on the side, just straight web pages, nothing complicated. can't seem to drum up any bidness, though i only have one client, word-of-mouth isn't working. i can hang closetmaid shelves pretty level, and can put up 2" faux wood blinds for the most part, and know how to change a bike tire and tube. any thoughts? i could work fast food from 11pm-7am :o), but i'd rather eat glass.
You could be a gigolo.....DINOSAUR
Nov 8, 2001 2:18 PM
Just kiddding. I'm in the same fix, I lust for a new bike also. I'm dreaming about a Litespeed Classic, although a Merckx MX Leader wouldn't be too shabby either, in line behind with a couple of other frames.
My experience is law enforcement. I could get a part time job working as a baliff in the muni courts very close to where I live. Accept I would rather sell apples on a street corner than to don another uniform, pack a gun and wear a badge again.
I have an out, as soon as I sell my classic car a new bike will be on order. Kinda wish I could buy one now as Colorado Cyclist has a killer deal on Litespeed Classic's.
I'm also thinking about just slowly rebuilding my Klein.
Truth is I'll probably always be lusting over a new bike. Always looking for that perfect ride.
Does your LBS do layaways? You could pay for it a little bit at a time.
I'd consider being a gigolo but I'm too old and I'd probably only appeal to the 60 year old crowd (now you got me thinking).....
Merckx ti?mickey-mac
Nov 8, 2001 2:49 PM
If you're think ti and you're thinking Merckx, how about the Majestic at gvhbikes:

I don't remember your size, but this sounds like a good deal for someone at $1300 with an Ouzo Pro.
Merckx ti?DINOSAUR
Nov 8, 2001 4:14 PM
That looks like a heck of a deal. Merckx ti was something I had never considered. My size also, I ride a 58 or 59. I'm not up on ti. Hey wait a minute what the heck are we doing talking about bikes on this forum? Now I have a new job, The Internet Police Departmant.
Oh well since we are on this topic. Is the Merckx stiff in the bottom bracket and good for old guys who weight about 210 and do a lot of climbing? I need something with no or very little flex, sort of like my Klein. Actually I'm seriously thinking of slapping an Ouzo Pro on my Klein along with a new set of wheels and groupo.
Sorry for the off topic. How about a gigolo that rides a Merckx ti trolling for rich chics who owns a Porsche dealership? This is getting interesting...
A wedding of sorts.9WorCP
Nov 8, 2001 6:26 PM
Eddy Merckx design Litespeed build. What could be finer? I'm still hoping you go for my fave the MX leader.

And right you are. This is the NON(hello!?)Cycling forum. You people are the limit. Please refrain. Post your offensive cycling discussions to the appropriate forum. ARRGHHH!!!!
Gigolo cop?Jon
Nov 8, 2001 3:27 PM
Hey Dino,

There are lots of women who just LOVE uniforms! (Just kidding) Or you could do what my
retired CHP cousin-in-law did. Go be a consultant for a cops and robbers tv show! Where
there's a will there's a way. BTW, you've been trying to sell that classic car forever! How
about doing a consignment deal with a classic car sales outfit?...Then when you have the
dough, definitely go with the Merckx!
Detail autos, baby sit, tutor, news paper delivery, yardwork,MB1
Nov 8, 2001 3:40 PM
paint houses, part time holiday sales....

You get the idea.
i'll have to put the word out...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 9, 2001 6:09 AM
actually, i was thinking about something i could do on the computer after-hours. there has to be a pool of documentation to be converted to a new format, dictation in digital format to be transposed, some sort of robot administrative work that needs to be done for $15/hr...someplace...
Street-corner Haiku stand?mickey-mac
Nov 8, 2001 3:50 PM
I envision a Haiku stand along the lines of the one that Lucy ran in the Peanuts cartoons:

get yer red hot ku | i've got it waiting for you | a mere $10 nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 9, 2001 6:10 AM
re: aside from selling my body (parts), how can i...quadzilla1
Nov 8, 2001 4:56 PM
Okay, here goes. Any warehouses near you ? The food warehouses are better to start with (more $$$). Ever here of a "lumper" ? It's a guy who breaks down freight as it comes off of tractor trailers. If you're lucky, you will be an "independent" instead of having to work for a service (you'll only make about $8 /hr).

Stay with me here. You negotiate a rate with the driver. Some fair prices are about 10 cents/case, $35 for one layer break down, $45 for a two layer , $65 for three....and so on. If all the product is on the floor,(a "floor load") you must charge much more. Typically $150 - $400 for a load. You must provide a "receipt" for the driver, which should have your name & "social sec. number" on it. Most drivers pay cash, or by a "com-data" check which is money put into a driver's account for expenses, and he draws on for fuel, food & lumpers. Get paid UP FRONT. I learned the hard way, but got revenge. He refused to pay, so I dumped the entire load back into the trailer...on the floor !

Most of these operations are during night time. It is best to go in with a friend or two. the work is much easier that way.

What kind of money to expect ? I averaged between $200-$1200 a week, part time (about 10 - 20 hours a week). My best night was $620 in 4 1/2 hours in one night. SERIOUS scratch my friend. Comes to about $50 -$100 /hr. Part time. It'll take you about 1/2 hour to do a full load of a 1 or 2 layer break down.

Downfalls: "reporting income", dealing with grumpy drivers at 4:00 am, who have to wake their dispatcher to get money in their account to pay you. Drivers who say that you charge way too much ( I always say do it yourself then (politely)). Take heart on independent drivers (the ones who own their own rig. It costs much, much $$$$$ to operate). The LEASES on some of these rigs can approach $2000 a month. Another tip: sit outside the warehouse, get a CB & use channel 19 (or whatever the place uses to monitor), and just ask out if anyone needs a lumper. Go into the place with the driver, and if anyone asks, you are his "helper". Make sure you know what safety rules are in place in the building.

The nicest drivers I've met are hispanic. They also have the nicest & cleanest rigs. I've also taken many "charity cases". Women, especially OLD women who are driving by themselves. We've also donated an entire weeks income to a local vet group for building a WWII memorial.

I've been doing this a long time. As a bonus, you get a TREMENDOUS upper body workout.Any other questions, post & I'll be happy to reply.
Wow! Lumper work.9WorCP
Nov 8, 2001 6:06 PM
What is it exactly that you do my friend? I don't understand the phrase "breaking down freight."
Wow! Lumper work.quadzilla1
Nov 8, 2001 6:37 PM
Okay, it goes like this...A driver pulls in & his freight is too high to fit into the racks in the warehouse. This is the usual case so that the manufacturer can fill the truck to it's maximum capacity. The freight is stacked on pallets with a certain pattern (called layers)(or more technically the "tie-high"). It's then your job to take off how ever many layers that is needed. Sometimes on smaller loads, a manufacturer may mix different products on the same skid. Say eggos and chicken wings. You then break it down so that you only have one product per skid, so that it may be stored properly in the warehouse.

Jobs that stick out: A lady backs in with 4,800 boxes of frozen Eggos in her trailer. That'll be 10 cents per case lady. Two and HALF HOURS LATER, $480 split two ways. Not bad.

A guy backs in just as we are leaving for the morning. He has 4 pallets on his truck that fell over & needed to be re-stacked. We just wanted to go home, so we told it would be $200. THE GUY SAYS DO IT !!!! It took us 10 minutes !! $100 in 10 minutes ??? Thank you very much !

I had been doing this as a part time job for about 4 years. At my full time job, I work 4- 10 hour days, so working 16 - 20 hours a day for that long, plus all that lifting really took it's toll. It was kinda cool making that much money though, and I really, really miss that part !
I would gladly pay you big bucks Tuesday,Spinchick
Nov 9, 2001 10:37 AM
if you could make me stop throwing up today. And I do mean BIG BUCKS...
that's less gigilo and more 'personal plumber' nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 9, 2001 11:15 AM