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Continental Grand Prix 3000s.(13 posts)

Continental Grand Prix 3000s.BrianU
Jan 20, 2004 5:18 PM
I had a a couple websites saved in the "favorites" of my old harddrive that sold Continental tires real cheap. When that harddrive died, so did the addresses of those websites. Anyone have any recommendations for places to look?

re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.Jack9
Jan 20, 2004 9:40 PM
LaBicicletta Has them for $35 has them for the same

You can get them on eBay cheap too
re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.mfuchs
Jan 21, 2004 5:11 AM had them at a good price the last time I ordered around $22.00 or so but lately I have not been able to get onto their website so I don't know their current price
I was able to get onto their site....BrianU
Jan 22, 2004 8:43 PM
make sure you use, I could not get on the site without the www. Their current price is 14.90 and of course that is in pounds. Any idea what that translates into dollars and what is the cost of shipping to the states like? Thanks for your initial reply.

I was able to get onto their site....mfuchs
Jan 23, 2004 5:27 AM
You can choose US$ and they will give you the price that way. I got on the site at home last night, still can't at work, and the price was $27.69 ea and the total including shipping for two tires is $64.47. I have ordered from them a couple of times and have had my stuff within 5 days(I live in Atlanta).

That sounds great, thanks! nmBrianU
Jan 23, 2004 4:23 PM
re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.ClydeTri
Jan 21, 2004 5:46 AM
how about $30?
re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.dieselforlife
Jan 21, 2004 3:47 PM
Performance has them for 20 bones
re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.Jack9
Jan 21, 2004 10:59 PM
The Performance tires are 25's and back ordered
and they are NOT GP 3000s...more..ClydeTri
Jan 22, 2004 6:51 AM
Just checked, they are Ultra 3000's not Grand Prix 3000s
Thanks for the information. nmBrianU
Jan 22, 2004 8:49 PM
Email Critusa@aol.comDave Hickey
Jan 25, 2004 3:38 PM
I've done business with him for years. Great prices on all tires.. He doesn't have a webpage but he runs a first class operation. He usually sends the tires and you pay when you receive.
re: Continental Grand Prix 3000s.bestT
Jan 26, 2004 8:19 AM has them at a good price. I've ordered from them a couple of times, it's usually about $26 after shipping and exchange rate.