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What are some good online dealers for road bikes(3 posts)

What are some good online dealers for road bikesjechap73
Jan 14, 2004 4:17 PM
My buddies at work have talked me into buying a road bike. I do plan on visiting some LBS in the area to figure out my correct size. However, I have alot of money tied up in my mountain bike and would like to buy online (save some money). I don't have any specific bike in mind, but would like the bike that I buy to have 105 components. Are there any good online dealers? My budget is between 700 to 900 dollars-LESS IS BEST. Can anyone one help me out in this search.
Thanks alot
re: What are some good online dealers for road bikesHickster
Jan 15, 2004 6:39 AM
To be honest, I have always found my best deals on E-bay. I have heard nothing but good things about Colorado Cyclist though. They have a line of bicycles that they market under their own name for great prices. A freind of mine bought a very nicely equipped steel/carbon framed bike from them. It was all ultegra or better, weighed less than 17 lbs and paid around $1700. Colorado Cyclist currently has a 105 equipped bike on sale (Last years closeout in your price range. Try,263,701,735&TextMode=0 to check it out.
I still think you can get a better deal on E-bay. Fact is too many people buy nice bikes and never ride them. I have seen numerous nice ultegra equipped bikes sale on E-bay in your price range with virtually no miles on them. I recommend you shop for the frame geometry and material type you prefer and keep an eye on E-bay. Keep in mind new bikes typically require pedals and an upgraded seat, while on E-bay you can often find rides will all of the upgrades already.
Worth taking a look atwleaumont
Jan 15, 2004 7:32 PM
I'm selling a 55cm CAAD4 Cannondale on ebay. It is right in your price range