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Sharing the wealth: STP coupons!(3 posts)

Sharing the wealth: STP coupons!komatiite
Dec 15, 2003 6:03 PM
Coupon Codes:
WRE116 - 20% off Expires 12/14
WRE116H - 20% off Expires 12/14
23045 - 10% off Expires 12/16
23108 - 10% off Expires 12/19

WB7H - Free shipping.
Remember that you can always get free shipping by entering riddle answer.

Free Shipping Riddles
To get free shipping you must enter the riddle answer in the Comments section and they will email you back (usually within 24 hours) crediting the shipping back to your credit card.

- free shipping riddle
'This standard holiday decoration was invented in 1882. Tell us what it was, who invented it, and what colors it was to earn free ground shipping on your entire order.'
Christmas tree lights were invented in 1882 by Edward Johnson, a colleague of Thomas Edison. They were patriotic red, white and blue.

- another free shipping riddle (from the holiday 2003 Adventure catalog)
'Tell us the name of the product whose jingle began with uh-Oh, the year it was invented and by whom and the four differnt types of pasta in it.'
I think it is: SpaghettiOs, Ralph Miller, 1965, Ditali, Ditalini, Tubetti, and Tubettini.

- another free shipping riddle 'In late 1670, the largest force of privateers to date was formed to attack a country which was one of the wealthiest in the New World at the time. Tell us the name of the country, what city was overthrown, and the name of the captain of this enormous fleet'.
What is STPspookyload
Dec 20, 2003 11:02 AM
STP = Sierra Trading Post (nm)kaosfactor
Dec 22, 2003 1:21 AM