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Low rent STi's?(2 posts)

Low rent STi's?etisnado
Dec 14, 2003 6:07 PM
I've searched around and found almost nothing. I'm looking for a low rent set of STi triple lever/shifters. I'll even settle for Sora 8 speed.

I just got a Giant TCR frame and fork for uber-cheap and wanna build up a decent low-rent bike. In reality, unless I get seriously hooked, it's only gonna see a couple of hundred miles a year. At this stage I wanna keep the ducat factor low.... that and I'm pretty friggin broke these days.

I already have a sweet mountain XC racer that I put around 1200 miles a year on and a commuter that gets 50 miles a week. My wife thinks I'm nuts.

At this stage, I'm only worried about getting off the ground. I'm not really interested in having uber-sweet gear just yet.

Once I score these and a decent rear wheel and I'm in.

Any suggestions? Anybody upgrading to nicer parts/9 speed?
Check eBay for shimano 600 partsspookyload
Dec 15, 2003 6:59 AM
They came in 8 speed STI flavor and should be had pretty cheap.