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Best deal on Veloflex Pave tires?(9 posts)

Best deal on Veloflex Pave tires?my327vette
Nov 13, 2003 8:58 PM
Hi, I am looking for an all black pair of Veloflex Pave clincher tires. Can anyone tell me where I can find them for a reasonable price? Thanks!
re: $32.50 ea. for all black + s/hbikeridah
Nov 14, 2003 6:37 AM
I just ordered a pair. Try emailing Danny at critusa or call William at wisecyclebuys.
re: Best deal on Veloflex Pave tires?agswin
Nov 17, 2003 12:58 PM $34.10 ea + s/h

Hope this helps.

$26 Best deal on Veloflex Pave tires?Kwantani
Nov 18, 2003 1:43 AM
MO from northern Ireland, I believe I paid us$26 each, that's include shipping. email me back if you need the contact.
Kwantani? re: veloflex pavestinkyhelmet
Nov 18, 2003 3:10 PM
Kwantani, I have worn out my Paves and am looking for replacements at a good price. Please post your contact in N. Ireland for Paves. Thanks.

Contact for tires?my327vette
Nov 21, 2003 5:08 PM
Kwantani, could you please email me with the information for your contact? That sounds like a great price. My email is

$26 Best deal on Veloflex Pave tires?Kwantani
Dec 3, 2003 9:40 AM
Here's the email contact for the Ireland MO.

takes a while to gets here, because he has other color but black so need to reorder from his supplier.
Nov 21, 2003 7:47 PM
William at will match the best price you can find out there, and orders over $100 ship free.

Give him a call. He's a great guy to work with.
Dec 2, 2003 8:26 PM
Danny at guy to buy from. He sends you the tires and you send him a check after receiving them. Why patronize Northern Ireland for a couple of bucks????