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Why are use bikes such a ripoff? Please help....I'm poor.(3 posts)

Why are use bikes such a ripoff? Please help....I'm poor.derek2188
Sep 25, 2003 10:57 PM
It seems like I can get a new bike for less than it would cost to get a similar used bike? Are there places where I could, for example, get a 2001 something with 105 stuff for $500?

I just don't get it. I can walk into a bike shop and get something like that for $1000, but I can't seem to find a used bike for less.

Please help.
Sum of the partsfiltersweep
Sep 27, 2003 9:56 AM
It just shows you what a good investment a bike is- they hold their value ;)

I'm guessing you'd need to spend about $750 for a decent used 105-level bike... at least on ebay. There were all sorts of 2001 105 level bikes that sold for $1200-1500 new (MSRP)- and most big brands like Trek or Specialized are/were not deeply discounted off retail. Add the fact that unlike cars, there really are a lot of low-mileage models floating around (they were never used- that is WHY they are being sold). If it has a quill stem, you might be able to get a bit more of a discount, but if it is threadless, it essentially is a modern design.

This is my take on the issue: look for a good shop discount. I saw some amazing deals at the LBS's annual warehouse clearance sale. Many of this bikes actually WERE selling for less than used prices on ebay or RBR classifieds. If you want a better return policy (which these did not have), just shop at your LBS and buy new.

Let's face it- it would take forever to find cheap parts and build from scratch a 105-level bike that came in around $500. Even buying on ebay- about the cheapest frameset with a fork will run around $300 (if you can find one that fits). Basic wheels put you right at $500 total. You don't even have any components yet. Not to mention the pain in the posterior factor- and the individual shipping charges for each individual transaction.
re: Why are use bikes such a ripoff? Please help....I'm poor.litesp
Oct 2, 2003 8:02 AM
Just keep an eye out for year end clearances at places like Supergo.

In my opinion, E-bay is rarely good deal. People who sell their stuff know what they have and what it's worth. The reserve prices indicate that they certainly want the most they can get for an item. Worse yet, a lot of people bid way, way too much for things. And don't forget about the insane shipping charges. In addition, risks like inaccurately stated product condition, lack of warranty, and rip-off scams are all too common. The only time you can get a decent deal is for as-is, hard to get or collectors items you won't find in local stores. 99% of the time, new stuff sold on E-bay can be had for less and without the risk at local stores or reputable e-tailers if you do a little homework.