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Any deals on speedplays ever?(5 posts)

Any deals on speedplays ever?the bull
May 3, 2003 1:21 PM
Looking for a set of x2 on sale!the price seems set at 160.
Went to local LBSt-moore
May 3, 2003 4:57 PM
I was in the market for some x3's, didn't want to spend the bucks for the x2's. The LBS didn't have any x3's, so I told him. "Looks likes these x2's have been sitting around for a little bit, why don't you cut me a deal on them"

He agreed, and sold them to me for $128. Maybe I lucked out, but am very happy with the x2's.
re: Any deals on speedplays ever?rayclark
May 3, 2003 7:34 PM
I think your best deal is going to be to wait for a 20% off coupon from Nashbar or performance. That'll get down to around $130 + shipping.

re: Any deals on speedplays ever?Juanmoretime
May 4, 2003 2:45 AM
Ebay, I recently bought a new pair for $130.
Its all your fault john!!!the bull
May 4, 2003 5:33 PM
All record with X3's!Just kidding I started getting a bad clunk. the cleats are worn and the pedals wiggle on spindle!Ahh...going to get the X1's!Probally wont be able to tell the differance!