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Lew Wheels: Rebuilds/Purchase old stockjuansevo
Mar 19, 2003 11:28 PM
Still have a few of the old LEW wheels for sale.

Palermo rims w/edco hubs. $750

Sydney rims (just a few left) built to edco hubs. $1299

Also a few 28 hole rims available for custom builds(Good for tandems and riders over 250lbs). Palermo and Sydney rims available for custom builds as well, however expect to pay more than the sale price listed above....yet less than you would for a new set.

We're also the only place in the country currently doing rebuilds/truing for old LEW wheelsets since LEW sold out. Being a former LEW employee I've been approached by many of our old customers to do rebuilds/truing. Nothing is spared and we use digital tensiometers (even orginal LEW wheels were not built with them), Park Pro stands, run out gauges, and custom precision tools. Quality you'll find is top notch and customer service rivals anyone in the industry.

If you have a set of LEW wheels and you'd like new hubs, new spokes, or simply a thorough truing please feel free to contact us. We can also rebuild other high tension/low spoke count wheels such as HED, Zipp, Reynolds, and so forth. You want bladed spokes? Done. You want Black CX-Ray spokes? Done. Edco Olympic, White Industries, or American Classic Hubs? Done. Locking DT nipples? Done.

Questions? Don't hesitate to call.


Technical Questions:

Keep the rubber side down!

Jon Severson