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Could use help w/choosing tires(2 posts)

Could use help w/choosing tiresstuttsdc
Jan 14, 2003 10:40 AM
Hi. Got my stock 2002 Trek 5200...came w/Bontrager Race X-Lite tires. Really liked them. Lasted quite well until I shreded a hole in one w/a huge piece of glass. Went to replace them at the bike shop but they didn't have any.

Not knowing much about tires, I ended up w/a pair of Hutchinson Carbon Comp Air Lites. Aftewards, saw reviews on this site...mostly poor. Feel like I wasted $100, even though I have yet to put any miles on them (maybe they'll turn out ok.)

Three questions:
1) Anyone know where I can order the Bontrager Race X-Lite tires on the web?
2) Anyone out there w/experience w/the Hutchinson Carbon Comp Air Lites? Are they safe in the rain and do they constantly flat?
3) Any recommendations on both training and racing tires? For training, something still light..not junk...very strong but light and affordable. For racing..what do you like and why?
One and only for racing =mass_biker
Jan 16, 2003 8:36 AM
Michelin Axial Pros.

Take a licking and keep on ticking. Light, not super affordable, but if bought in bulk at some places, not too bad. Best of all, quite durable. For the winter/fixed gear, I like Continental Ultra something or others and Specialized Armadillos.