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Giant TCR composite dealsOdonata
Dec 12, 2002 5:00 PM
Thank you all for the input. I don't have extra component sitting around so even if I do get a great deal on the frame set I would still have to look hard to save money on the rest of the bike, and from your experience does that save money? it seems to be more expensive to put it together yourself(using the same set-up).
I was told by a sales guy at my LBS that the team TCR composite is sightly lighter than the TCR 0 and TCR 1, and I can't seem to find any contact info for Giant to confirm this.
Odonata(yes I do have one)
re: Giant TCR composite dealsLeak
Dec 12, 2002 10:23 PM

I bought a frameset and built it up myself, however, I had the "advantage" of waiting 3 months for my frameset to arrive, so in the meantime, I was able to scout around for some very good deals on the components that I wanted to build the bike up with. I've added it up and have saved approximately $1,000 this way over the Dura Ace spec'd TCR complete bike.

Having said that, my results are probably not typical, and as I mentioned in my reply to your post below, I haven't been to a Giant dealer yet that's actually trying to get full retail for the TCR Composite complete bikes. There are deals to be had out there and that is typically the way to save money on a new bike.

Good luck!

re: Giant TCR composite dealsEl Guapo
Dec 13, 2002 7:55 AM
You could save a fair amount specing the parts yourself and get a "customized" version. Check out online retailers such as They have DuraAce and Chorus groups for well under a $1000.00. You could build up an excellent bike for under $3000.00 with top-flite components this way (provided you're prepared to do the build-up yourself). Check out as well.