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Cervelo good deal?(1 post)

Cervelo good deal?funknuggets
Nov 8, 2002 7:48 AM
A local outlet sells a variety of goods that have been recovered as a part of insurance claims, auctions, reposessions, etc. Every now and then they will get fantastic bikes that roll through. One time they had a 5500 roll through with full Record 10 for $2399. My wife didnt let me pull the trigger on that. However, I went in yesterday, and they have a Cervelo One with full 105 with DuraAce brake levers ... it is built as tri (with aero bars and 650 setup)... I see the same bike at Supergo for $1299. This one is brand new for $850. Does it seem like a good deal? I would not use it, I like my Lemond, but, should I buy it and turn it round and attempt to sell it on EBay or something and make a quick $100 or so??? One more question, why the hell do so many triathletes have 650cc wheels?