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Bell Ghisallo- $64 at JensonUSA. Is this a good deal/helmet?(6 posts)

Bell Ghisallo- $64 at JensonUSA. Is this a good deal/helmet?Cheap_bike_dude
Oct 29, 2002 1:24 PM
I've been waiting for a Performance Coupon so I can pick up a Pneumo for about a $100, but alas I guess it was not meant to be. The Ghisallo is supposed to be the top of the line Bell Helmet, but I haven't found any review online for it. Does anybody have any comments - about the helmet or Jenson?

Or better yet does anybody have a suggestion where I can get an end of the year (2002) Pneumo for about a $100. I don't care about the color...

Thanks dudes.
re: Bell Ghisallo- $64 at JensonUSA. Is this a good deal/helmet?Egibson
Oct 30, 2002 9:28 AM
Hell yeah thats a great deal!

I paid $100 for mine even with a discount at my LBS...

It's super light and fits great (on my head) and has a nice adjustable dial on the rear to fine tune the comfort.

I would suggest trying on the helmet before you buy....some helmets just don't fit my head (ie, Giro) and some do...
Just got one...KEN2
Oct 31, 2002 4:34 PM
I just got mine from Jenson, I've ordered lots of stuff from them (mostly mtn. bike) and always had good service. It's a great price for a top of the line helmet. Personally I don't like the fit of the Giro line, Bell helmets fit my head better. However, the Ghisallo is a little more forgiving of head shape because the helmet is "suspended" by the GPA fit system, which you tighten like a band around your head using a little dial at the back.
How are the molding of the shell?Qubeley
Nov 1, 2002 7:52 AM
I really like the way Ghisallo looks.
What king of shell does it have? Is it just a thin shell glued to the foam (like Limar) or is it in-molded together with the foam(like MET Strad)? The shell and foam kind of blend together in a in-molded helmet.
Having owned the sweet Stradivarius, I will never go back to a helmet unless it has in-molded shell.
It's in-molded like the photo (nm)KEN2
Nov 3, 2002 12:38 PM
me too...BenR
Nov 7, 2002 1:11 PM
To replace my 3-4 year old Bell Evo-Pro which I loved but destroyed when a pickup decided to pull out in front of me. It appears to be the same basic helmet, with styrofoam being removed from non-critical areas. Same quality fit system (but updated)and good shell molding. Maybe a bit lighter. I believe this is Bell's top end helmet, retailig for $115-125. If Bell helmets fit your head, jump on it. Jenson sent me mine in less than a week.