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Campy Record 10 best selection and price?(4 posts)

Campy Record 10 best selection and price?desmo
Sep 25, 2002 7:09 PM
Who has the best selection and consistent low prices on Campy components in the U.S.? I've looked at the Excel Sports site and they seem very good. I also saw the Glory Cycles site which has some amazing deals but do not seem to have everything I would need and the prices seem to fluctuate a bit (although still very low). I do not want to buy a whole gruppo as I'm going to mix and match some stuff, but would like to order everything from the same place. Anything better on the whole besides Excel? Thanks for your input.
re: Campy Record 10 best selection and price?enclavecat
Sep 25, 2002 7:22 PM
I suggest you contact the guys from Glory and talk about YOUR needs. They have the best prices on their inventory and are reliable and trustworthy like a boy scout.
Texas Cyclesport - got my Chorus 10 group their cogs at excel.Old_school_nik
Sep 26, 2002 10:51 AM
re: Campy Record 10 best selection and price?rwl
Sep 29, 2002 9:23 AM
i've recently bought stuff from and found them great to work with. 1025 for a triple record group (w/o hubs or headset), 109 for a record post, and a great deal on Eurus', with free shipping!