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problems with saddlesore.netemptyhanded
Sep 16, 2002 7:13 AM
Has anyone ordered anything from lately?

I purchased a new wheelset and tires from them about a month ago. they were very prompt in charging my credit card, but I have yet to receive the wheels. More frustrating is the lack of response to any of the emails I've sent them. I've even tried calling, and no one answers the phone.

Anyone have similar problems or know what's going on?

To anyone thinking of buying from saddlesore, I would recommend picking one of the other european sites. I bought some items from and had no problems.
re: problems with saddlesore.netregbike
Sep 16, 2002 12:05 PM
Same thing happened to a friend of mine. He ordered some tires and it took them over a month to get to him. He got no response from emails or phone calls, but he did receive the tires. He contacted his CC company to dispute the charge, the same day the tires arrived. This convinced me not to buy anything from them that I was in a hurry to get.

Sep 22, 2002 4:09 PM
I ordered 3 tubular tires over a month ago and still have not received them. I've sent about ten different e-mails to every e-mail address on their site and also with no reply. I tried calling several times and have only gotten a busy signal. They charged my credit card the day that I ordered the tires.Does anyone have any success stories with this company?