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Friend has $1,000 to spend on 56-7cm Road Bike(4 posts)

Friend has $1,000 to spend on 56-7cm Road BikeSablotny
Aug 15, 2002 11:50 AM
Any ideas? My best leads so far are an Iron Horse or KHS 853 frame with full Ultegra for $1199. The goal is full Ultegra, but a nice frame and full 105 at a good price would be welcome too. Thanks for any help.
re: Friend has $1,000 to spend on 56-7cm Road BikeClydeTri
Aug 15, 2002 12:48 PM
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Yes - Check out Clyde's link - Fuji Team - Great bicycle nmjose_Tex_mex
Aug 15, 2002 3:15 PM
re: Friend has $1,000 to spend on 56-7cm Road Bikewillin
Aug 16, 2002 5:08 AM
I am upgarding to a new (used) bike next week and will be selling my 9 month old Jamis Quest. It is in very good condition. No crashes, no holes, smoothly ridden. It is steel 653 Reynolds, Shimano 105, Mavic Cosmos wheels, 57 cm.

It is a great first bike or bike for someone who wants to get back on the road but isnt sure if he wants to race or not. It is a comfortable bike, great for centuries, group rides, or light racing.

Bike sells new for about $1200, I'll sell it for $650.

Then have your friend upgrade the wheelset to Mavic Krysiums Elites for $400, sell the existing Cosmos for $150
and for 900 dollars you will have a great ride, better than many $2000 bikes.

Notwithstanding my bike, my thoughts on a $1000 bike (because I just went through this)--Ultegra group only costs $60-70 more than 105, doesnt weigh any less really, and essentially is the same equipment. And the 105 STI brake doesnt rattle like the Ultegra. I am completely, 100% happy with 105. I ride a fast group ride 2-3 times a week with folks with Dura Ace and Campy Record, and my shifts work just as well as theirs.

I would spend the money on a decent frame rather than on a cheaper frame and Ultegra components. Reason why is you will notice the difference on the frame but will not ( I promise) notice a difference between Ultegra and 105.

Bike manufacturers put together a cheap frame, throw on Ultegra, and the Ultegra sells the bike, not the frame.

For 1000 bucks, buy a steel frame, rather than an aluminum. Reason is that, generally, cheaper aluminum frames are not tuned to give a decent ride, so you will get a buzzy, bumpy, shitty ride. This is OK if you are only going to race criteriums or something, but if ou expect to train, ride a century, whatever, for the money, go steel. Steel these days can be almost as light as titanium. Having said tis a cannondale Caad 3 bike is aluminum and a decent ride, and used might fit your budget.

Finally, think about a used bike. You can pick a up a great $2000 bike in new condition for 1000-1200.

I would look at the Lemond line, these are good steel bikes. Another example is the Landshark--these are some of the best bikes made, and if you can see one for sale used, seriuosly check it out. They are custom. I think there is one on ebay now listed (or this site) at 1500. Serotta makes a good steel bike too, as does Steve Rex (custom).

Hope this helps