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GREAT DEAL on Tri Frame and Dura Ace Group Kit(1 post)

GREAT DEAL on Tri Frame and Dura Ace Group KitColeHI
Aug 2, 2002 11:11 PM
I've just completed building a triathlon bike. The frame is an Airborne Spectre ($599 till end of Aug) and Dura Ace grout kit from ABICI. Didn't have any problem ordering from The frame came in within three days.

Ordered the Dura Ace Aero Kit from ABICIBIKES.COM. Talked to Clark couple times and he took my order thru the phone. He seems pleasant and nice. UPS delivered the kit within 3 days. The package didn't come in with 4 conti tires like I ordered though. They only sent 2 tires. I talked to Clark and he just said that the other two tires are on the way. I should received them by Monday/Tue. I was charged $100 for shipping and handling. I guess that's fair since I live in Hawaii. Should I buy again from ABICI? You bet! I would even recommend them to my friends and riding buddies.