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Extremely Small Shoes(4 posts)

Extremely Small ShoesMarvinK
Jul 29, 2002 3:44 PM
Any idea who makes the smallest road or touring shoes? Smallest I normally see are a 36.... hoping for a low 30s.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
re: Extremely Small ShoesMarvinK
Jul 29, 2002 3:48 PM
Sorry... in retrospect this probably should've gone under General Discussion... but if anyone knows where to get them as a great deal, that's always better!
You will probably have to go withspookyload
Jul 29, 2002 8:47 PM
a womans shoe. The smallest I could find was a Sidi Verona. It came in a 35. Anything smaller and you are probably going to have to mug one of Santa's little helpers for his shoes. Just kidding. That is the first time I have ever heard that question asked here and was kind of fun trying to find the answer.
Actually you can get the womens Genius 4 in 35 toospookyload
Jul 29, 2002 8:51 PM